Why are so many people spending so much money to build “perfect” streaming system?

I don’t understand why so many people are spending so much money building the ultimate streaming system? I guess I am just out of touch… Would love to hear some reasons streaming is so dominant today.


I started streaming with a Bluesound Vault 2i.  That machine literally changed my life...    Worth every penny.    Buy a Node if you don't need to rip CDs.  

I paired it with a DAC and three DACs later I pulled the trigger on an Aurender N200

Again,  worth the money as I stream 80% of the time now.    I think anyone would be hard pressed to tell where the files are coming from listening to my system.  

Rotel just released a streaming integrated amp, it looks pretty nice.  I think that is the direction amps and receivers are headed.  

@mikelavigne . Do you like classical music? How many recordings of Wagner’s Ring Cycle do you have? I have 5. Can you get 5 different recordings on ANY streaming platform?

I call bullshit on that - see my comment above.

@walkenfan2013  It can be inexpensive and simple, and open up a huge range of music. For me it is complementary to LPs - streaming is the most amazing resource for discovering new music

Use Roon off an old MacBook. MacBook connects to your existing DAC. If you need a DAC, try an iFi Zen for low-cost start up. Roon is easy to use.

(Or, even simpler, just buy a BlueSound node and connect to your system)

Either way, you should be up  and running in about 15 minutes and for a few hundred dollars - no more. Start there and see where your ears lead you over time

Don’t overthink it!  You could be up and running this afternoon!

All these solutions can be controlled using an iPhone or iPad, from wherever you sit when you listen

The only regret is to have waited to long to do something that was so enjoyable and transformational in my exploration of music (I now use Roon / MacBook / Benchmark DAC, which I love)

I save my LP budget for the music that is the most special to me

Let us know what you decide, and enjoy!


PS - the above not in contradiction to those who deeply enjoy vinyl (as I do) or have complex streaming solutions - I am simply offering an inexpensive and convenient path for an entry into streaming that, for me, was simple and totally enjoyable. You can follow your ears from there.  I’ve wound up with two parallel paths in my system - Vinyl or streaming -> pre -> tube amp for vinyl or SS amp for streaming -> speakers.  I just like that setup, others will have different tastes

The simplest and least expensive streaming setup I can think of is using a WiiM mini streamer (about $70-$80) and connect to your DAC (which you probably already have).   Use the WiiM app for exploring streaming such as Amazon Music. 


When I search for "Wagner Ring Cycle" in Roon, I count 29 album hits from the Qobuz service alone. On Qobuz, represented conductors include Daniel Barenboim (Bayreuth 1991), Karl Bohm (1967), Herbert von Karajan, George Solti (Nov 2014 performance on,Decca) Joseph Keilberth (July 1953 performance, 2021 HD mastering), Lorin Mazel, Wilhelm Furtwangler (1953 performance on Warner Classics), George Szell, James Levine (August 1994 on DG), and Zubin Mehta.

Certainly, not all classical music (or individual artists) will get equal coverage on all streaming services. Qobuz seems to be one of the most comprehensive for classical in general (dunno about Wagner in particular). And on Roon, I've seen recurring complaints about how well the search engine works (or does not work)  for finding, displaying, and organizing classical music.  The tech is still evolving, it seems.