Why are so many people trying to sell Harbeths?

These speakers have their devotees to be sure, but it looks like a lot of people are falling OUT of love with them. It's a trend I've noticed here on Audiogon. Opinions?
I don't think Harbeth gets more press coverage these days,at least I don't see it but I will admit I don't pay much attention to the product.The thing about Harbeth is it has a following like McIntosh and B&W.Its an old well established name and its followers will fight to the death to defend it from the audio worlds arrows.Are there better speakers to buy these days on the market?,yes absolutely but it doesn't mean that Harbeth isn't a good speaker...just not mine or a lot of folks cup of tea.
Hello Sunnyjim. the M30.1s have always been $5695–$6390 (per pair, depending on finish)
I've personally never seen them advertised as anything else.
Now that you know the correct price.I hope you'll be able to judge them a little differently.
Harbeths like Proac, Spendor, Stirling and certain other brands put music first in that classic restrained British way.

I thought the comment about listening to classical music as being elitist as odd as classical music was the driving force for a lot of great hifi. I can listen to Mozart and Black Sabbath on my Harbeths but I do not listen loud.

I love the BBC school of speakers and have owned other such brands. Also love the timeline classic styling.

These speakers don't play loud and are not the forward obvious sound of certain other brands. They are easy to drive but favor a slightly forward amp. If you are running something that is already warm and soft sounding these will not be ideal.
To Pcoombs, I stand corrected, but I doubt it will make me judge them differently. I still believe they are unfairly priced. I have an entire spiel about overpricing speakers in high-end, but I will spare you and others. Does Harbeth make a model 40.1?? at that price??

Nevertheless, take a look at Devore's pricing; I am sure in his corral he has at least one $12,000 pair of boxes.
Sunnyjim you are of course entitled to you opinion that the Harbeths are unfairly priced.
In my case as I honestly preferred the $5695 M30.1s (UK made and imported thus causing inevitable extra costs to the US consumer) to the $26k (US made) Magico Q's I inevitably have a slightly different view as to whether the Harbeths are overpriced or not.

..of course I know its not really fair to contrast these speaker price alone. We shouldn't forget the Magico's do of course include the stands .