Why are so many people trying to sell Harbeths?

These speakers have their devotees to be sure, but it looks like a lot of people are falling OUT of love with them. It's a trend I've noticed here on Audiogon. Opinions?
08-06-15: Banerjba
Harbeths like Proac, Spendor, Stirling and certain other brands put music first in that classic restrained British way.

Can you please explain what you mean? I am asking this because I own a Quad box speaker and love it. I am looking to upgrade and want to listen to PMC, Spendor, Proacs etc. I listened to PSB Imagine T3 and it is a pretty good speaker. What is the difference between the "voicing" of a American Vs European loudspeaker. When I upgrade, I would like to have a speaker that does at least 30Hz.
Good question and none of the speakers I mention have real bass down to 30 hz. I would not characterize the brands I mention as broadly European.

These have very traditional BBC school voicing. Natural midrange tone, especially with voices and acoustic instruments, at the expense of some dynamics. They would sound very different from other major European brands such as Dynaudio, Focal, B&W or Sonus Fabor. The PSB is a Canadian design made in China and is a more modern sounding speaker. It is more forward with deeper tighter and faster bass but I would not characterize it as "natural". Some American speakers are very natural like the DeVore line.

One company that tries to provide a neutral midrange but a nice open sound is the Canadian made Totem. I think they offer a very good overall package and they are widely available with a number of good sounding speakers at different price points.

BTW your Quads are excellent speakers. I have always been impressed by this company's traditional box designs and would say they too are voiced in that traditional British way.
Banerjba: I'm sure Harbeth is good speakers, esepecially in voice and instrument music, clear natural and not overly sweet sound, I own a Wharfedale Denton, though not sure how close would it be, consider the price, I'm feeling awesome enough, and yet it does has dynamic and power limitation, but the bass still something I would consider decent for small to medium room. I'm stucking in btw Harbeth, Dynaudio, and Wharfedale, especially Wharfedale Jade 3, while the other 2 I'm not sure I can justify how much sound difference by spending twice or even triple the price...
Those three speakers are very different sounding, although all are made by companies with storied histories. Dynaudio is the most neutral and is a reference standard used by many, including the BBC. Wharfedale's budget offerings to my ears are best in class. I have not heard the new Denton but very familiar with the wonderful sounding classic model. I am not totally in love with the Jade series as I find them a bit too forward, but I am not sure I have heard them properly set up. Definitely different animals to the neutral Dynaudios or natural Harbeths.

Of the 3 brands, I think Dynaudio makes the best speaker for the money, even though I am a Harbeth owner.
Please tell me more on the "voicing" of British Vs US loudspeakers.
I listened to the PSBs and I don't think they are as forward as the Triangle that I listened to years back. I listened to Totems and they are good speakers. But they are not as efficient as I would like (> 89 db). Same with Dynaudio - these require more power to sound their best.
I love the way the Quads play music, but would like to have deeper bass. I saw that they have come up with the new S line. But the specs only go down to 30Hz.