Why are so many people trying to sell Harbeths?

These speakers have their devotees to be sure, but it looks like a lot of people are falling OUT of love with them. It's a trend I've noticed here on Audiogon. Opinions?
I guess it was the prevalence of the dealer ads that (mis)led me to the conclusion. There just seemed to be an awful lot of listings.
I would think the prevalence of the dealer ads indicates more their popular appeal to a broad range of listeners than anything less, a means to sell other than locally. If there is no local dealer how else would you purchase?
How can you have a room that's big enough for Maggies, but too small for Harbeths?

I agree that Harbeths have a following just like B&W and McIntosh which come to mind..You either love em or hate em.I would guess those that are running Harbeths have been doing so for some time and have no intentions of selling.For me having owned the 40s for a short time years ago Harbeths aren't on my list of "buys"...but weve had this debate many many times.I see no trend in dumping
Well- just for balance I agree with Missioncoonery I don't plan on buying Harbeths, I don't care for them. That said I am not listing any.