Why are speaker stands so expensive?!

I've been looking to buy a good pair of stands for my bookshelf speakers and for some reason I can't seem to find anything reasonably priced. Why are speakers stands so exorbitantly expensive?


If anyone has recommendations for good stands that won't break the bank, please share!


I spent more than I should have on good stands because I wound up moving to tower speakers. About $700 on the stands. Oh well.

I’m a sceptic on buying audio supports. Each time when I’ve finally purchased reasonable products, my scepticism has been proven unfounded.

Last month bought a used pair of Sound Anchors - 3 post - stands ($400). Well worth the money spent.


Solidity and mass aren't always the answer. Sometimes a lighter frame with low mass and no bottom plate is the better approach, as in the expensive aftermarket wooden stands that are sold for Harbeth Monitor 40's. The name escapes me right now.

I recall in the '80's I bought a pair of Celestion SL6s speakers, and I bought a pair of inexpensive Chicago speaker stands for them because that was all that I could afford. They had a thin top plate and four skinny tubular legs; one at each corner. The speakers performed fabulously on those stands, but sadly I didn't realize it until I had some more money to spend on heavy steel stands with massive steel posts filled with lead shot. The magic was gone.

I also had ProAc Response 1's that loved a massive stand. Spendor SP100's also responded differently to single or multi pillar stands. What I am trying to say is that expensive isn't always better, but sometimes it's justified if a talented designer has done research on your particular speaker and come up with a design that brings out the best in that design.


@roxy54 TonTrager, I have them for my Harbeth HL5s! BTW, I bought the Harbeths used and the seller included the stands!