Why are speaker stands so expensive?!

I've been looking to buy a good pair of stands for my bookshelf speakers and for some reason I can't seem to find anything reasonably priced. Why are speakers stands so exorbitantly expensive?


If anyone has recommendations for good stands that won't break the bank, please share!



Yes, that is the name that I was thinking of. They are beautiful, and specifically designed to allow all surfaces of that box to resonate if I recall. You were very fortunate to get them with the speakers.


Those stands look good. Timbernation also makes good stands of different solid hardwoods.

I’m not sure what you consider to be expensive, but I’m a big fan of Kanto SX22 and Kanto SX26 speaker stands. Both the 22” and 26” models come in black or white. There’s a lot I like about them.

  • They are made of thick metal, and they can also be sand-filled. Once so, they weigh about 40lbs.
  • They come with innovative isolation feet whose spikes easily pull off to reveal silicone footers for hard floors.
  • They come with two different sized plates to accommodate both large and small sized standmount speakers.
  • they have a cable hiding mechanism, if your speaker cables can fit.


The next question is why buying bookshelves and stands when you can get towers.