Why are speaker stands so expensive?!

I've been looking to buy a good pair of stands for my bookshelf speakers and for some reason I can't seem to find anything reasonably priced. Why are speakers stands so exorbitantly expensive?


If anyone has recommendations for good stands that won't break the bank, please share!

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"In a proper mastering room you will find a very high mass stand and weight tuned springs to completely decouple the speaker from the floor."

A listener can do exactly that, without spending thousands of dollars.

Mitch:  You use sound anchors and are the rep for them in the USA. I’ve always recommended them over the years a solution for most people. Very popular in pro, less so in Consumer but should be.

Not sure I understand your comment above? Are you saying a listener doesn’t need to buy Sound anchors and can do this themselves?


I am not a rep for anything.

Regarding my comment about not having to spend thousands of dollars,

@audiopoint had stated,

The company I represent does not manufacture speaker stands for less than a few thousand dollars per pair

IMO, good speaker stands do not need to cost anywhere near that amount. Sound Anchors stands are less money, and a person who is somewhat talented in wood or metal working could probably put together something acceptable for even less. Solid wood end tables or a cinder block set-up with a wood or metal plinth could even work. Some folks have built forms and cast stands out of concrete. Good stand mount speakers, with the right footers, should sound good on just about any solid support. If you want spring footers, there are much less expensive options than Townshend. Elastomers are even less money. A person can spend as much as they want, but it doesn’t have to be a lot.


"IMO, good speaker stands do not need to cost anywhere near that amount."

No, they don't, but his are worth it because they allow any speakers that they are used with to sound their best, and you can only know that by trying them. I cant afford them either for the standmount speakers that I own, but I own the Sistrum Stands for my floorstanders, and the difference and improvement is something that could never be duplicated by wood or concrete.