Why are speaker stands so expensive?!

I've been looking to buy a good pair of stands for my bookshelf speakers and for some reason I can't seem to find anything reasonably priced. Why are speakers stands so exorbitantly expensive?


If anyone has recommendations for good stands that won't break the bank, please share!



"IMO, good speaker stands do not need to cost anywhere near that amount."

No, they don't, but his are worth it because they allow any speakers that they are used with to sound their best, and you can only know that by trying them. I cant afford them either for the standmount speakers that I own, but I own the Sistrum Stands for my floorstanders, and the difference and improvement is something that could never be duplicated by wood or concrete.


Can’t argue with any of your statements. Sound anchors run around $1200-$1500 for bookshelves, and more for larger monitor type speakers but still under $2000. It is a challenge for some to add this amount to the speaker, but it can be a bigger positive difference than some speaker cable IMHO. There are some users that add pucks of various sorts to the speaker "plate" and this can make a difference (up to you if its better or just different).  I’ve seen larger wooden (MDF) boxes filled with sand that sounded good, a good mastering client built some for his ATC 150s. I have found NO version of wood only or cinder block that sound as good as that or stock sound anchors. I am not a fan of the foam speaker squares that are commonly promoted in pro. Isoacoustics has received some good support in pro and consumer, Ive used them myself under towers at trade shows to positive result. I know a few people that use them on sound anchors.

It is fortunate that I do shows and demos and get to try lots of variations in the same environment- so it’s easy to hear the results of A vs B.



Thank you, everyone, for taking the time out to respond! This has been an informative discussion to follow.