Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?

I understand that wood is cheap and a box is easier to make than a sphere but when the speaker companies charge tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for their speakers, shouldnt consumers expect more than just a typical box? Are consumers being duped?

Back in the 70’s a speaker engineer found that a sphere was best for a speaker. A square box was the worst and a rectangular box was marginally better.

The speaker engineers have surely known about this research so why has it been ignored?

Cabasse is the only company doing spheres. Should wooden boxes be made illegal


Wood is used cause it's an insulator, by insulating the current you increase efficiency.  If you have no wood you have no joy.


I have to ask. What do you own for speakers? I’m guessing nothing made of wood or with any flat surfaces. Just curious. Thanks 

@kenjit I thought you previously said that speakers made of concrete must be the best? You are just trying to be provocative as usual saying sphere enclosures are superior yet you provide no specific references whatsoever on how you came to this conclusion. I have yet to see you post what you actual own and why. Instead you just blow up this forum whenever you log on. PS Audio btw only has one model of speakers so far - the FR30. Plenty of illustrations for your expert eyes to scrutinize. That aside, what matters is how a pair of speakers sound in your system in your space to your ears. For this reason, there are no perfect speakers. This is why there is a myriad of choices to satisfy peoples budgets and personal preferences.