Why are there so many wooden speakers?

I have noticed a problem within the speaker industry. 99% of speakers that come onto the marketplace are wooden, i.e MDF.
This is true of old speakers and new speakers. This is true of Dynaudio, B&W, Elac, Kef, revel, PMC, Focal, ATC the list goes on and on. This is a longstanding problem that has been deceiving audiophiles for decades and it requires a solution. 

The problem with a wooden box is that no matter what crossover or drivers you use, it will still sound like a wooden box. 
There is a limit to the sound you can get out of a wooden box so it is not possible to improve the sound just by using different drivers. Despite this, every year or two, the aforementioned companies put new speakers on the market claiming that they sound even better than what came before. In conclusion, we are being misled. 

I have no problem with MDF boxes per se. MDF is a good material to use. But if you want to make an even better speaker then you obviously need to use a better material. You cant use the same material and say you have made a better speaker. Thats false. 

Let's take the B&W 600 series for example. This is a series that has been going on for decades. 

Here is the latest speaker from their current series


There is no mention of what wood is used but I'm pretty sure its MDF. All they talk about is their continuum woofer and dome tweeter that goes up to 38khz. No mention of even improvements to the crossover let alone the cabinet.

I believe that this has gone on for long enough and audiophiles deserve better treatment. I don't know if a class action lawsuit is the answer but something needs to change.
Acoustical instruments are never had from MDF.  Why?  It kills sound. You want to have an inert cabinet. With some bracing where needed, MDF makes for an excellent speaker cabinet.  Put wood veneers on it for looks.  Or, use sealing techniques and paint to a high gloss finish.  Nothing wrong with MDF.
Kenjit, That is the silliest question I have seen in a while. Wood is used because it is cheap. Why don't you fork up for a set of Wilson's so you can pay $250K for enclosures.
I wish kenjit and I didn't share the same name. Please don't hold it against me. Suimasen.

You need to let the audiophiles judge whether cabinets make a different sound. Its easy for you to say it makes a difference. Every company says that. If its such a big difference, why not produce 2 or 3 speaker lines each with a different cabinet and no other difference? I dare you.
The REASON to use wood is because any other option is WAY more expensive!   Sure other materials are used... and if you want them, you are quite free to pay for them!  
I have built 2 pairs of identical speakers (using 8" Tannoy concentric drivers), where the only difference was one pair used Baltic Birch ply, and the other pair was MDF.  The MDF's sounded markedly BETTER!  There was less... ummm.... woodyness, in the lower midrange.  I then proceeded to increase the internal damping of the birch ply with adhesive vinyl.  That helped, but the MDF boxes still sound better IN THIS CASE.  I'm not claiming that it's better for every situation.  For me to use any other material than wood would be extremely difficult and/or costly.   There is no wooden conspiracy as the OP seems to believe.