Why aren't the older members still active ?

Just curious who is still very active from 2000 and earlier
on this site? I don't get on very often. I guess I have no opinions or my interest lies elsewhere. I remember in the early 2000s there seemed more interesting and heated topics then now. I cannot even get a rise out of anybody for saying "the Beatles where the worse group ever". I think somebody replied " I am a moron" without stating why he thought they were good. I started a thread in Music: Garage Band Hangover, about a website called Garage Hangover, but like 2 people responded. Some of my favs haven't been on in 3 even 5 years. So why is that?
I think there is a cycle many go through, where things are initially new and exciting with endless possibilities...folks making cables, silver vs. copper vs. gold, cap upgrades, endless cable discussions, SS vs. tubes, isolation, vibration damping, constant upgrading, then after awhile folks are zeroing in on equipment that provides the type of sound they enjoy (for example, I have purchased 4 and sold 3 of my favorite preamp while deciding that nothing I have owned is better). Once you have gone through that cycle and, constructed a system you enjoy, the excitment of hanging out here to discuss upgrades, tweaks, etc. isn't the same as in the beginning. You move on to other pursuits and spend more time listening, maybe pay more attention to the music related posts, or to the humor many display on this site. I buy and sell less than before, although I have been hanging out more lately to learn about setting up a computer source. We certainly had/have some colorful, funny, knowledgeable older members, and many are thankfully still here, but I enjoy reading posts from the newer members too.
"The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells".
I do not blame the economy as some have done but redundancy as the killer of posting for long time posters and lurkers. So many posts as have been pointed out are not worth a response because they have been beaten to death. Is it PRAT - posting redundantly and tastelessly?

I only seem to post when I get a good straight line from another post. I really don't like audio all that much. I spent $10K on equipment to be an online comedian.
I for one am tired of seeing the same lame postings of which cable for my mega system. I specially like the ones that need us to make the five figure turntable suggestion. I usually like to see posting's that deal with the human element of the hobby. Such as the interaction between buyers and sellers.

So do power cables really make a difference?

You guys missed that one ... personally all the bickering and "know-it-all" mentality kills me. There is a ton of repetition but that seems inherent with forums. I have really appreciated the blurbs on new vinyl and CD releases and I have been turned onto some pretty good music. I wish the mood could stay a bit more positive. I hate being scolded – “THIS QUESTION WAS ALREADY ASKED IN 2001” Well … I’m asking it again … if you don’t like it, go read AVS. I have met some really cool people locally through the forum and picked up some classic gear. I draw the parallel of regulars in a bar … some you like and some you despise but that’s what makes it fun. Lots read, what a few have the courage to say.

Then again, maybe I should just shut up and eat my oats.