Why aren't the older members still active ?

Just curious who is still very active from 2000 and earlier
on this site? I don't get on very often. I guess I have no opinions or my interest lies elsewhere. I remember in the early 2000s there seemed more interesting and heated topics then now. I cannot even get a rise out of anybody for saying "the Beatles where the worse group ever". I think somebody replied " I am a moron" without stating why he thought they were good. I started a thread in Music: Garage Band Hangover, about a website called Garage Hangover, but like 2 people responded. Some of my favs haven't been on in 3 even 5 years. So why is that?
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Where have you gone, Mr. Cornfedboy
A website turns it's lonely eyes to you...
Love this site and have received some great knowledge and wisdom. Just need to keep it all in perspective and not put too much pressure on the site or others to meet some realistic or unrealistic expectation. I am a little surprised at some of the "negative" comments above. It's all about expectations and priorities. Properly prioritized and with expectations in check this site is still a fun, funny and informative site for me.

I owe the enjoyment of my current system, in total, to this site. I learned about the products, purchased the products, and finally learned about the matching of products here and through experience.

Post on Agoners!
I've been on since '03, and my usage have ebbed and flowed quite a bit, depending on what's going on at home. Our last child was born in 03 so I had lot of late nights reading the forums trying to find out what Audiophilia was all about, didn't post much then.

I spent a long time just reading, then started posting for advice about the new rage in '04 - '05 surround music (DVD-Audio & SACD), as the kids got more active, I got less so on the forums.

As they have grown, I've gotten a bit more time, and started posting again.

I use them for advice on gear and software. I love to change out, and try other gear to see how it sounds in my system. I use the classifieds quite a bit to buy and sell, for the reason given.

Also, I have a ton of respect for a lot of the Old-Timers:

Analog - You ask Albert Porter

New Music - check in and read the posts by Darkmobias

Good Digital and new gear - Grumpy and funny AudioFeil (Bill), very good and darkly colored advice here

BTW - I'm the guy who had 11 different DAC's, and sold the last one. I have a new one too (Wyred4Sound DAC2, still like the Bryston better though) don't worry Shardone I took a picture.

Who would you trust for opinions; someone who has tried many items, or someone who is stuck in 2004 with his one item?

I am primarily into vinyl now, with digital being a very distant second due to my preference, but it started here just the other way around. After so many people told me to try vinyl, I finally did and was blown away, but I keep trying to find comparable digital setup, but just can't quite get past the glare.

Anyway, some of us come and go with how busy we are.

Excellent string.