Why aren't the older members still active ?

Just curious who is still very active from 2000 and earlier
on this site? I don't get on very often. I guess I have no opinions or my interest lies elsewhere. I remember in the early 2000s there seemed more interesting and heated topics then now. I cannot even get a rise out of anybody for saying "the Beatles where the worse group ever". I think somebody replied " I am a moron" without stating why he thought they were good. I started a thread in Music: Garage Band Hangover, about a website called Garage Hangover, but like 2 people responded. Some of my favs haven't been on in 3 even 5 years. So why is that?
Most people don't know how crazy your humor is Gunbei, my slant headed little cartoon friend.

Gunbei (Gumby)

Around the time I stopped posting on here [5 years ago?] A'goN began clamping down on the type of threads and responses that were allowed. While I was a serious audiophile, I thoroughly enjoyed hijacking [often in cahoots with Jax2] threads into ridiculum.

My favorite A'goN memory was of seeing Albert Porter and Jax2 in wet underwear in a Las Vegas bathroom hotel.

That was over Natalie Portman.

Marco, (Jax2) said I was too old to dream about having her for my own and I told him he and Michael Jackson were all washed up, even before it could began.

He was the one that threw the first bucket of cold water.....

(Now with the Gunbei BS humor starting, it really is beginning to feel like the old days.)
Macdadtexas quote:

Also, I have a ton of respect for a lot of the Old-Timers:

Analog - You ask Albert Porter

New Music - check in and read the posts by Darkmobias

Good Digital and new gear - Grumpy and funny AudioFeil (Bill), very good and darkly colored advice here

Thank you.
I'm still here (to a greatly reduced degree -- credit burn-out), and I still listen to plenty of 60's "garage" rock (including the more obscure, largely local type -- not what the respondents to your thread thought was garage-band music). Something which, to address your intermediate implied question, not many audiophiles seem to do (probably because it's often the essence of low-fi -- their loss).
Albert I have just spoken and traded emails with Sean in the last few weeks. Sometimes life gets in the way of audio. Sean was very helpful in my trying to set up a vintage Ohm F system. He has a great knowledge base and has been generous with his time.