Why aren't the older members still active ?

Just curious who is still very active from 2000 and earlier
on this site? I don't get on very often. I guess I have no opinions or my interest lies elsewhere. I remember in the early 2000s there seemed more interesting and heated topics then now. I cannot even get a rise out of anybody for saying "the Beatles where the worse group ever". I think somebody replied " I am a moron" without stating why he thought they were good. I started a thread in Music: Garage Band Hangover, about a website called Garage Hangover, but like 2 people responded. Some of my favs haven't been on in 3 even 5 years. So why is that?
I'm surprised to see no mention of TWL. He stood as one of the most interesting and pioneering individuals I met through this site. Is he still camping in Tennessee?

One of the reasons I tire of reading this stuff is the perpetual emphasis in brands. Audio theory, practices and principles tend to lead us away from endless mention of companies which have not grown along with us.

Many long time users have gotten off the highway and cannot any longer communicate successfully with those who still have their noses buried in TAS and Stereopile.

Censorship is very discouraging also. It seems random at best and uneven otherwise.
Good call there MJ on Mr. Lyons, one of my old faves for sure. If memory serves, I believe I may have been the first member to respond to him on the occasion of his first contribution to a thread.

Anyway, speaking for myself, as much as anything I think it's that I got the novelty of conversing and posting online out of my system (in my case thanks almost entirely to Audiogon), and went back to using that time for other things, including listening to more music.
Yes, cencorship gets on my nerves too. Global fear and paranoia show themselves here as well.
The list is inherently going to be incomplete, as we will never be able to remember everyone on the first (or third) pass.

I'll add Eldragon this go 'round, though he occasionally pops up here.