Why aren't there more Blu Ray/DVD transports?

I really don't get it. If you have a great pre/pro with excellent Dac's then why do you need to pay twice with a player that has Dac's. I have a nice 2 channel system and would like to complete the home theater experience for the family and for entertaining and I would like to keep the home theater on par with my 2 channel or at least close ( I don't know if I can afford or want to pay what I need to match my 2 channel). However when I start researching I get a little confused and irritate by this market condition. I hate to pay for something twice.

Am I missing something?
I suppose it's because there is not a lot of marketing data to support that a x-port only will sell enough units to be profitable.IMHO.
You don't have to pay twice. There are many low priced BD players that offer HDMI to go to a pre/pro (use the DACs there), while only offering analog stereo outputs (yes, they use DACs for that), and usually a coax or toslink output (for external DACs or pre/pros, but no HD codecs).

You don't have to purchase a BD player that has multichannel analog outputs (which use multiple DACs).