Why aren't there more women on audiophile forums?

I've seen this question bandied about on forums frequently. Here's a long analysis of the subject matter.  For those going to the beach and needing a read, the whole dissertation is available for download.

"Masculinity and gear fetishism in audio technology community discourse"
Annetts, Alex (2015)
Doctoral thesis, Anglia Ruskin University.

"This thesis is a study of audio technology community discourse and its historical features. I contend that the audio technology domain is fundamentally exclusive and hierarchically stratified, based on discursively inscribed prerequisites to participation and enunciation, notably a hegemonic masculine performance, gear fetishism and the articulation of technical knowledge.

I show that communities organised around audio technology, socially construct and perpetuate these features as components of their respective discourses. I expose all three elements to be rooted in culturally embedded gender stereotypes, dating back to a nineteenth century dichotomy of public and private space.

I present a deconstruction of the complex discursive performances of masculinity and offer opportunities for privileged masculine recordists to critically reflect upon their dominance and homogeneity within the domain as an original contribution to knowledge. In this endeavour, I investigate the emergence and development of exclusive tropes as components of audio technology culture, and demonstrate how they continue to be perpetuated in the face of both social and technological developments that offer possibilities to destratify the community hierarchy and enunciative function.

My methodology is based on a comparative discourse analysis of industry and academic texts, as well as the communities that surround and influence the construction of modern audio technology discourse. Case studies are conducted of two leading industry publications: Tape Op and Sound On Sound, and supplemented by an exploration of Women's Audio Mission. I combine these sources with interview material gathered from relevant industry professionals. In doing so, I observe how the audio technology community has maintained barriers to participation, often in the face of technological progress that offers supposed opportunities for democratisation. My work presents an argument against this notion, exposing the supposed democratisation as an illusion of accessibility and thus as mere massification."

Thanks for the blather in the OP.
Audio is my hobby.  I read and spend money on it.  My wife enjoys using the equipment.  Her eyes glaze over when I talk about it
  My wife’s hobbies are sewing and gardening.  She spends money on that.  I appreciate the results but would not be able to sustain a conversation on either topic for more than 30 seconds.  Enough said
Sure thing, @middlemass. The fact it made you laugh is interesting.
@mahler Blather. Aha!
Apart from basic lack of interest most of them may have better things to do.

Things that may be of a far higher priority than discussing cables online.

For example:

ClothesChat / Facebook etcKidsShoppingCleaningWorkWatch TV/YouTubeHelp with grandchildren
One possibly unexpected result of the so-called feminist movement has been, despite the introduction of all mod cons, the reduction of free time for many women compared to previous generations.

Ah, such is life in the 21st century...
In fact even as I write this my wife is watching YouTube on her phone and my daughter, taking a break from her studies, is posting on Instagram.
I could suggest posting on this forum to them, err no, on second thoughts, I couldn't!

A more pertinent question might be, why exactly does this matter?

And to whom?

Somebody's lame attempt at an out of touch doctoral thesis is nothing to go on.
Simple answer:  men more about things, women more about people.

Obviously there are exceptions,
You lost me well before we got to deconstruction [Derrida=bane of modern academia].  The summary is a perfect example of gobbledygook. In fact, I half-suspect an exercise in parody.  Further reading:  Deconstruction, Identity and the Dying Art of Criticism - WSJ
A more pertinent question might be, why exactly does this matter? 

You mean to tell me you don't know? You think this is funny? Are you daft? This is a DOCTORAL THESIS. This is an ACCEPTED doctoral thesis! Do you not read this stuff? ARE YOU DAFT?!?!?! This is what passes for serious thought at university level.

Yes it would be a joke if written by any one of you. Problem is, any one of you could have written it! Because this same Neo-Marxist ideology permeates from up there to down here. You just don’t realize it because you don’t use quite as many of the same pedantic stifled code words.

But you do all use them.

So, guess what that means? The joke’s on you.
I have a feeling the ladies are lurking around here just buying gear and enjoying life rather than have to blather with a bunch of frumpy old guy audiophiles.   Smart!
I totally love that Thesis Proposal/Introduction/Whatever It Is.  Ah, the sheer nuttiness of the Halls of Academe!
big difference between being an audiophile and being willing/wanting to participate in these forums...
@hilde45, Yup.
And from the responses you’ve gotten, it goes a long way towards the premise that the alt right has been pissed ever since The Enlightenment.

All the best,
The wording is very intellectually self-conscious, but so much so that it's really amusing. Who really cares enough to study this nonsense?
Any women who want to be part of the discourse...Welcome!
Beyond that, things are as they are, and not everything needs to be analyzed. 
I wouldn't go so far as to say it's intellectually self conscious as these types of studies were done all the time back when serious analysis was done on a somewhat regular basis. God, how I miss those days.

All the antics gong on now merely reflect the hatred and rejection of the mental science based analysis for the sake of convenient memes and angles to play. If one is shown to more neurotic than usual, then it needs to be pointed out lest others take them seriously.

All the best,
I totally love that Thesis Proposal/Thesis Introduction/Whatever It Is. The sheer nuttiness that exists in the Halls of Academe!
Thanks for the responses.

When scientists or engineers employ complex jargon folks can't follow, they stand back and respect the expert. When someone in the humanities does it, they're called an idiot and strung up. I know a lot of people who can easily parse the claims here and explain them in language an undergraduate could understand. Then, for them, the question is whether the claims are true or not. But they're not dismissed out of hand. 

Still, "it's a free country," so please -- go apesh*t.

Academics here couldn’t understand how and why the revolt to higher learning was being rejected out of hand by some in one particular group. It took a journalist to chime in and state that he was from a dirt poor part of the country, steeped in bigotry and harboring a hatred of the "others."

When he came back home after getting his degree he was met with disdain and rejection. He had explanations for the things that bothered them but the response he got was. "That’s your education talking."
They were so conditioned in their hate, that they rejected anything that would better their situation. They needed it. He then remembered why he left in the first place and left, for the last time.

All the best,
Lisa Simpson's treatment, episode after episode, kind of captures it.
Why would those who ridicule basic physics and engineering on cable threads change their stripes for the humanities? At least they're consistent.
Good point. Credit where credit's due. 'Specially since it ain't often due.
He then remembered why he left in the first place and left, for the last time.

Would you please take your own advice and just leave, Nonoise? We don't deserve your brilliance here. 

This is an audio forum. Your constant political ranting is really tiresome.
The OP doesn't seem to think so. Maybe some introspection on your part would do you a world of good, or is that my education speaking?

All the best,
The majority of the women I know are adept at multi-tasking. They enjoy listening to music but do so while involved in several other things at the same time which is contrary to being an audiophile. Multi-tasking to most of us men is listening to music while sitting down. Add the sipping of a favorite beverage and we’re pretty much mentally overwhelmed. Still, I’m convinced there are thousands of female audiophiles of one level or another but as to why there are so few on these forums, I would venture to say that in all probability they find both us and our conversation as boring as this paragraph.
"Gear fetishism"? How does this focus on electronics in audio differ from the pioneering work accomplished by my great grandmother Edith Dohan (1877-1943) who had a "fetish" about archeological artifacts (many of which I inherited)? She was one of the most famous archeologists that has ever lived, and was editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Archeology for decades. 

I am a retired professor from a medical school, and I find the abstract of this thesis to constitute academic rubbish. The OP needs to learn more about animal behavior before pushing sexist polarization - we are animals and behave as males and females behave in other species (yes, even bonobo monkeys, who comprise a maternalistic species). 

Let's welcome everyone on these forums, but these forums are focused on a hobby we all enjoy (even the arguments). Please do not inject politics, religion or sex into these threads.
Because they hate it because it costs too much money and because they don’t want to admit it sounds nice.
Listening to sexists arguing they're not sexist is like listening to a racist arguing they're not racist. This is most entertaining. How many here lead that Walter Mitty existence where they use the keyboard as their escape mechanism from that straight line they try to toe so hard all day?

All the best,
Is this the same Anglia whose predictive modelling said there would be no ice on the North Pole by 2015?
Shhhh. Don't tell them. They'll think we're keeping them out on purpose and come flooding in and ruin it, like everything else.
When I was married, my wife was very interested in my audio system... especially the plant stands, I mean speakers.
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“Why aren't there more women on audiophile forums?”

Well, the O.P. Is here.....
Anglia Ruskin University is ranked 301 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education and has an overall score of 4.0 stars, according to student reviews on Studyportals, the best place to find out how students rate their study and living experience at universities from all over the world.
...in answer to...
Is this the same Anglia whose predictive modelling said there would be no ice on the North Pole by 2015?

No, that was East Anglia and not Anglia Ruskin.
Please, by all means, continue.

All the best,
Please Really   I didn't know they are selling audio equipment  Ay NeimanMarcus
Sometimes there are a lot of women on this site...other times there are just a bunch of children. Only a few men though. Really depends on the topic.
Why aren't there more women mechanics and carpenters? It's a cultural thing! When I took drafting in high school for two years the class only had one girl student.
god bless the author of that wall of text. that said, the females i know, many of whom have abundant musical talents to make me envious, are to a person, capable of doing a thing i can't- namely they can listen through lousy recordings, through a welter of noises, to hear the whole performance including nuances that escape my attention due to the distracting foreground and background noise. they literally can tune out noise. lordy i wish i could do that. they have enviably powerful brains at least with this task.  they can appreciate high end audio but don't really need it to hear the important stuff.
Whenever things are not going the way I'd like and I mutter some foul obscenity under my breath, my wife always hears it.Women have very sensitive hearing, especially in the higher frequencies and many of them are simply uncomfortable with "hi fi".I just dropped an obscene amount of money on a Hegel Mohican { truly, ironically,one of the last of the Mohicans]  and my wife actually sat through the entire Mahler 10th. { Rattle }. Maybe a breakthrough. 
Women obviously enjoy music as concert attendance demonstrates.  I just think that when it comes to music in the home the majority prefer to keep it simple and maybe they are on to something. The same thesis could have been written about car culture. 
I'm sure there's a quilting forum somewhere with similar questions: why aren't there more men into quilting?