Why bookshelf type speakers are high end

This is another MUST READ.

I love seeing bookshelf speakers costing tens of thousands of bucks that are truly high end

Magico has done very expensive bookshelf speakers. There are many other examples.

Bookshelves obviously cannot reach down to 20hz., but down to 40hz their sound is balanced.  This is true high end territory.

Many audiophiles do NOT use their standmount speakers with a subwoofer. Despite this, they are enjoying high end sound.

LS50 is an example of a speaker that has achieved rave reviews. I have heard them and can confirm they are excellent.

Do not be fooled by naysayers . If you want high end sound, you don’t need perfect bass down to 20hz.

Is that insufferable troll slithering about again ? Must Ignore, is the best advice I’ve seen in this forum.
@kanji I too have a system that goes below 40hz, manufacture says 
  • Frequency response. 21 – 25.000 Hz -3dB.
However, I have and had several bookshelf speakers.  These smaller speakers have their place in the market.  Probably the #1 reason is space, but sometimes people prefer a smaller profile and clean look.  

These speaker, typically 2 drivers, I find have great imaging and easier to integrate into a room.  Plus in a smaller space just sound better.

Your absolutes are crazy.  Nothing in life that I know of is all encompassing.  Is a Porsche able to navigate the Rubicon trail and it not a luxury, or carphile vehicle?  Is there a food that satisfies every taste on every occasion and that food not considered the best in its category?

please let me know some absolutes outside the audio industry.  I am curious on what you have found.
I prefer the way stand-mount speaker image and the other factor is that it is very common for the optimal spot in a room for bass reproduction to be different than the optimal spot for midrange and treble reproduction.  

I produce a series of stand-mount speakers (soon 5 speaker between $2K and $7K) partially for this reason.  I will also do a floor-stander as this is where the bulk of the market is but I will likely always keep stand-mounts in my home with subwoofer(s) as that is my preferred sound.  
I have two sets of stand mount/ monitor speakers in my second and third systems.
Both have their very good strengths in imaging and top end detail, both suffer a little on low end extension (obviously, only so much you can do with a 5 inch driver and small box!).
But are they dynamic, cohesive and engaging?
Heck yes.
High end?
Nope, who cares.