I have seen the argument over and over again on why cables matter and the that wire is just wire and how scientifically it’s impossible for them to make a difference. The thing that surprises me the most is that different materials are used. Different shielding is used. Different connectors are used. Different braiding methods of the cables are used. Materials are sourced from different manufacturers and put through different creative processes but I always get some guy who comes on and says. WIRE IS WIRE AND YOU ARE NOT HEARING WHAT YOU ARE HEARING? To me it’s pure arrogance to think you know more than everybody else to the point where you tell me what we are hearing through my ears and we are not smart enough to know when are minds are playing trick on us. But using all these different materials, process and shielding and creative processes don’t make a difference. I spent the last 15 years trying all the cables I could try.  Thoughts anyone?


"Why? Because I’m asking questions?"

- You are asking questions that really can only be answered by your own experience. Most here have had many years listening to many types & brands of gear. One persons dream system won’t be another’s as people hear things differently. There are no shortcuts, you gotta do the time and it looks like you are looking for shortcuts.



  And/or: decades of the real thing, which lends a perspective.



”… I just want some information. Calvin said you had to have a “high enough resolving system” to appreciate cord upgrades, and I would like to know how to get that sort of system. There has to be some way to go about doing this. Well, some way that doesn’t involve demoing cords from some questionable websites. …”

This is a personal journey and not a fast ‘n dirty fix thinking it’s THE END destination based on this or any other audio forum thread, while embarking on your Yellow Brick Road to audio Oz. Simply put, roll up your sleeves and just go audition and experiment for yourself to stress-test the skepticism or cynicism.

(1) Locally, toddle down to your local bricks and mortar dealer to audition various options inserted on their best system. The differences generally are clear and unambiguous,

(2) next ,,,l Think attending a regional audio expo personally, where you can ask questions as you immerse yourself in the many “high resolution” systems and cables. You will immediately know them in the experience by osmosis .
And keep one key think in mind: ask why there is a clear best performance delivery reason that high-end (and cost) NORDOST ODIN and VALHALLA model cables, along with CARDAS CLEAR BEYOND and CLEAR cable models; collectively form the largest share of audio cables selected by the OEM exhibitors to showcase their units at their best. It would be a helluva marketing tool otherwise for them to to chirp that “ we still sound at our best even with cheap shite build and cheap price cables! “

For example, the major high-end cable exhibitors frequently also have workshop demos wherein they progressively take you up their model lines to show the audio performance upticks available.

I will rehash a prior post going back a few years ago of an annual high-end audio audio expo up here in Toronto that I also attended .

as a vivid example , here is the CANADA HI-FI reporter’s take from the NORDOST cables bake-off exhibit actually performed live . They stopped at the improving model bakeoff summit at the Valhallas (one below the Odins) with the inference that with a progressive move up the cables model line, the audio performance improvements keeps getting better .

http://canadahifi.com/taves-consumer-el ... rge-de-sa/

".....I had a chance to sit in on a couple demonstrations in the Nordost room, giving my feet a well deserved break. I’m very familiar with the benefits of high quality cables and use a full Nordost Heimdall 2 loom with my reference two-channel setup.
That being said, I always find the Nordost demonstrations to be an “ear-opening” experience. Michael Taylor from Nordost demonstrated the significant sonic benefits of replacing an OEM cable with a Nordost model – in particular

1) a swap of a single USB cable, from OEM to Nordost Blue Heaven ($250/2m), to Heimdall 2 ($500/2m) and;

2) a swap of a single RCA interconnect, from OEM, to Blue Heaven, to Heimdall 2, to Tyr 2 and finally Valhalla 2.

Along with convincing the audience in the room that cables DO matter, I’ve now got the bug to upgrade...."

I was in agreement along with the many others attending hobby fans .

choose wisely.

So where I’m at now is “how much do you want to spend”, and “you just have to have experience”?  While I appreciate your response, @dill , what are you going to tell your buddy that is looking to get into audio?  Is it just, “yeah, it sucks man, but you just have to get out there and buy something and see where it goes”?  

It seems to me that a “high resolving system” should be reasonably attainable no matter who the listener is, short of legitimate hearing loss.  If the criteria include almost zero noise floor and being able to hear fingers on fretboards and people breathing behind the scenes, that should all be pretty straightforward to engineer.  Well, as long as these sounds are actually in the recording to start with.