I have seen the argument over and over again on why cables matter and the that wire is just wire and how scientifically it’s impossible for them to make a difference. The thing that surprises me the most is that different materials are used. Different shielding is used. Different connectors are used. Different braiding methods of the cables are used. Materials are sourced from different manufacturers and put through different creative processes but I always get some guy who comes on and says. WIRE IS WIRE AND YOU ARE NOT HEARING WHAT YOU ARE HEARING? To me it’s pure arrogance to think you know more than everybody else to the point where you tell me what we are hearing through my ears and we are not smart enough to know when are minds are playing trick on us. But using all these different materials, process and shielding and creative processes don’t make a difference. I spent the last 15 years trying all the cables I could try.  Thoughts anyone?


@magnuman please leave me alone. You are not a customer of ours. You are not going to do any business with us.  All you do is go back and forward.  We let customers try a lot of our cables before they buy them so they can see and hear for themselves.  Honestly, I’m not interested in going back and forward with you anymore.  You are free to do whatever you like but I’m not interested in going back and forward with you.  You have your mind made up despite never hearing our cables. Etc.  take care. 

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Charming fellow, he is like an attack dog so the avatar is proper. . 

@ericgale i don’t get it. He doesn’t know anything about us. He doesn’t know what we are using or doing. We let people demo before they buy. Why would I even respond to him. It’s sad. This is one of the reasons I left Audiogon. One person comes in and destroys the entire thread. He has been on here for years. Changing his name. BOBBY BOOSHAY! Constantly yapping about occ 99999999 cooper etc yappity yap etc. 


high-end audio sonic preferences is highly subjective, there is no perfect system or component- it’s all a facsimile of real music. Also, we have different budgets. Bottom line, we cannot tell you what you’ll like. What we can do is make suggestions based on our knowledge and experience, but it’s up to you to try or not. Most here have tried various components as we try to change or improve sonics.

Years ago when I started from scratch, I spent years researching many reviews including TAS (The Absolute Sound) and Stereophile magazines, forums, other online. Also demoed components at high-end audio stores and major audio shows like AXPONA. I spent years researching before purchasing my analog + digital audio chains.

Where to start? Decide SS (solid state) or tube sonics/amplification, or start with speakers first then choose matching electronics afterwards.  Yes, this is a lot of effort, but we do it to maximize our sonics on our limited budgets. 

Stereophile has a recommended component list here, and TAS prints an annual copy (November 2023) Annual Buyers Guide including a Top 50 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio like this old list here.