I have seen the argument over and over again on why cables matter and the that wire is just wire and how scientifically it’s impossible for them to make a difference. The thing that surprises me the most is that different materials are used. Different shielding is used. Different connectors are used. Different braiding methods of the cables are used. Materials are sourced from different manufacturers and put through different creative processes but I always get some guy who comes on and says. WIRE IS WIRE AND YOU ARE NOT HEARING WHAT YOU ARE HEARING? To me it’s pure arrogance to think you know more than everybody else to the point where you tell me what we are hearing through my ears and we are not smart enough to know when are minds are playing trick on us. But using all these different materials, process and shielding and creative processes don’t make a difference. I spent the last 15 years trying all the cables I could try.  Thoughts anyone?



All of our systems are unique. Listen and do what’s best for you and your system. Do your research but trust your own ears.

What does this mean?  What “research”?  I realize the best seems to be “cost prohibitive for most”, but hey, at least you can give people a place to start, correct?  Isn’t that what good salesmen do?  

I have yet to hear you say anything of substance, really.  Again, what do you look for in the Infigo line that makes it such high quality?  How will this brand help me synergize my cables?  What makes it better than other brands?  Sell your stuff!  Surely you can at least do that, right?

@smurfstain maybe it’s not words that are substantial to you.  Do your research. There are dealers , cable lending libraries and free trial.  Hell I even let people try before they buy. I have yet to hear you say something substantial outside attack me for being a dealer and having the nerve to post on a forum.   Anyway. Everybody will do a lot on their own to figure out their systems. Try the things I mentioned and go from there.  Anyway happy listening.  Best wishes.  

"I have yet to hear you say anything of substance,"

- pot - kettle - black

I am not saying anything substantial. I don’t have anything substantial to say. I am here to learn. And, to that end, I’m asking you questions, which you are conveniently sidestepping.


to be clear, Calvin, I’m not attacking you. Is asking you to sell your product to me “attacking you”? Must suck to go to work every day, if that is the case.

@smurfstain . If I misunderstood you my apologies. I’m an audiophile first. I’m not really posting to sell people my product. If people decide to try then that’s cool. If they don’t then that’s fine. Maybe I took your words the wrong way. If I did I apologize. Cables to me should not be a bottle neck. The music should flow through them. They should keep things that interfere with them out. That’s what our cables do. They  let the music flow. I’m sorry if I came at you wrong. Didn’t mean to offend.