I have seen the argument over and over again on why cables matter and the that wire is just wire and how scientifically it’s impossible for them to make a difference. The thing that surprises me the most is that different materials are used. Different shielding is used. Different connectors are used. Different braiding methods of the cables are used. Materials are sourced from different manufacturers and put through different creative processes but I always get some guy who comes on and says. WIRE IS WIRE AND YOU ARE NOT HEARING WHAT YOU ARE HEARING? To me it’s pure arrogance to think you know more than everybody else to the point where you tell me what we are hearing through my ears and we are not smart enough to know when are minds are playing trick on us. But using all these different materials, process and shielding and creative processes don’t make a difference. I spent the last 15 years trying all the cables I could try.  Thoughts anyone?



I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t looking to buy a set, I was just wondering what the RCA ’s were made of (brass or copper). The only reason I mentioned the pricing on the RCA version of the interconnects was that they weren't listed with the others on the price list, and I thought it might have been a mistake. Thanks.

@roxy54 we give free demos if you are ever interested. I will talk to owner and get you answers. 



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You all who may not know the meaning of ’smurf’ should look it up. I mean, they put it right in their user name! 😀 Entertaining seeing an allegedly complete newb to anything hifi related, magically stumbles upon a high end audio forum and then manages to focus every one of their posts in a ’cables’ thread. That’s textbook surfing! 😀😭

I live-recorded 4 power cables yesterday. I hear the sound difference clearly. Can you hear it?  Click times 4:469:5014:3818:53 to hear different cables. Alex/WTA