Why Can't Modern Tube Manufacturers Make a Proper Tube?

Current tube manufacturers, at least the ones I have tried should be utterly ashamed at their ineptness, apathy, ignorance, or whatever it is that makes them seemingly unable to make a tube properly.

And I never knew what I was missing before I tried reclaimed tubes from the 1950's, an era where people build things instead of ruining things.

The present manufactures are said to have the actual machinery to make tubes for which they have examples in hand and schematics on file, but they just can't do it.

Is this a case of Idiocracy? Are people just stupid today? The world and all creation do follow the 2nd rule of thermodynamics so I guess this is the case.

Listening to Black Plate RCA’s and Mullards in my system, even for a short time made it glaringly obvious that modern manufactures are embarrassingly inadequate. There is absolutely no comparison.

Why can't modern tube manufacturers make a proper tube?

1. lack of IQ?

2. Apathy? 

3. Lack of Materials?

4. Lost knowledge? 



If mastering social media controls was a sign of intelligence, JJ tubes would sound amazing and the world wouldn't be a toilet of moronitude.

True .. and in a way, profound.





If mastering social media controls was a sign of intelligence, JJ tubes would sound amazing and the world wouldn’t be a toilet of moronitude.


This place is more of a web 1.0 forum / BB than it is social media. And just to be clear - you’re good with "meh, good enough" in online communication style, but not with tube manufacturing, right?

Lots of guys here like to shake their fist at the clouds. It’s a wonder young folks aren’t flocking to this hobby lol.

@decooney I am thinking the same about how many people have actually tried several new production tubes before dismissing them as sounding horrible. After some experimentation over the years with both NOS and new, my amp sounds the best it ever has using all new production -Linlia, Psvane, and TungSol.My preamp still uses NOS RCAs which I like very much so I keep some extras stored.But I plan going forward to give some new productions  a chance.

Tony, I believe your thesis is incorrect in regards to my situation. It may be true in regards to others.  I recently (3 years ago) replaced 18 year old Gold Lion KT-88s and ax-7s with the same. Flawless replacements.  I'm positive they were not NOS. I could not be happier. I am not arguing that different tubes may produce a better sound. I am saying these Russian replacements arrived as advertised.