Why discussions generate into personal affronts...

Hello to all... I am a new-be in comparison to those who have thousands of inputs into forums/discussions.

I find it disappointing that in reading inputs, I have to waste time in members sniping at each other. Half the time it simply is a difference in opinion that breaks down into nasty idiocy,  and half the time I need some type of reference to past verbal battles fought about in other topics/forums. 

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO IMHO? Many times spewing personal dogma against each other just confuses simple people like me who are just looking for guidance - not miracles. We all view another's opinion with reservation - nobody's got a doctorate on audiophile experience; if I was to listen to and obey the professionals, I would never had experimented with 12g solid core copper, vinyl-jacketed wire, twisted and used bare wire no connectors -WHICH I AM VERY HAPPY WITH ...

SO: SOMEBODY fill me in why knowledgeable people generate into nastiness in discussions...
It seems that fascinations and speculations and theories and observations drive people nuts.  Since observing and theorizing and speculating and being fascinated about things is the way I live, usually when I launch a thread it turns bad in a jiffy.

I have a website with almost seven hundred observations and speculations.  I ain't no amateur here.

Hey, look:  The OP was curious about the behavior and even this thread had some nastiness in it.

And it's funny that this should come up anyway.  My first contemplation today before coming here was of three people I know that are real belligerent.  I'll say something that is patently obvious, like my washing machine is broken, and they'll pick a fight about it.  They having absolutely no knowledge of my washing machine whatsoever.  They are obviously mentally ill but somehow seem to function in society.

Here's another observation:  The less a person knows, the more vehement he is.  And I'm sure that that observation is going to ignite some vehement responses.  But being information-proof is a self-reinforcing condition.
Shouldn't that be "people degenerate into nastiness in discussions..."?Just kidding, of course.I believe it happens because we live in a world that is increasingly becoming black or white, right or wrong.The reality is that the world is mostly shades of grey.
A big factor is the 'keyboard warrior' mentality.  People are SO brave when there aren't any true consequences to be paid.  This very well may be the primary reason for all the negativity.
Here's another observation: The less a person knows, the more vehement he is. And I'm sure that that observation is going to ignite some vehement responses. But being information-proof is a self-reinforcing condition.

>>>>>I totally disagree!!