Why do all audio forums on the internet seem "dead" ?

Traffic is very low today vs 2000!

Are most audiophiles "set" with their systems, and no longer care?

Are 90% of audiophiles close to retirement, or retired and broke?

Most older "classic" audio equipment also does not show up for sale anymore IMO.
I think audiophiles can't see the forest for the trees. We are constantly exposed to exorbitant prices for equipment. As a result, we've become so desensitized that we don't question the price on a $3,000 preamp, but instead scheme on getting the funds for it.

What would your first reaction be if your wife came home with a $3,000 fur coat?

More and more audiophiles are "waking up" having become dissenchated with the whole industry, hence the absence of interest in forums.

Just my 2 cents. 
As a female getting back into audiophile, I can say one thing...people need to play and instrument or sing, need to realize what music sounds like without a bunch of electronics getting in the way. I am getting back into it because it sounds better, but only because I grew up listening and playing violin, piano, accompanying the local choir.  And if I listened to the critics rather than to my music, I would not have bought my PONO, and learned about FLAC files.  

Forums need to have some basic language skills and translation for the newbies.  (RMCF googles as Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.)  I can understand ESS dac technology on the ESS website, can understand things on Ayre web site, a lecture by a Mr. Foote on stereo speaker science, but not understand forum sites, where there is no paraphrasing of technical jargon or acronyms, in other words: Say something in a different way based on the education and skills of the person asking the question, to help with understanding. Refusing to answer a newbie question because the forum FAQs are not updated, difficult to navigate, or all in jargon, is not helpful to promote new members.  I have found the only way to get an answer in the forum is to directly message someone, who seems to have written an intelligent answer, thanking him or her for that answer, and asking something based on what they wrote.  That does work well.  

Salepeople need to sell me what I ask for, rather than try to get me to purchase the latest thing, (I am finding out everyone wants to sell me streaming, when I want a DAC) or a fully loaded proprietary system, so I will not have to worry (my cute little head?) about upgrades to the computer systems.  (I did bring in my own laptop, with FLAC files, JRiver, etc )  If I, semi-retired, near an urban area with good audiophile stores, and 7 years post-grad education in the sciences, have problems navigating the forums and the sales hype, one can only imagine what the average male or female is going through.  
the poster awhile back who made the headphones comment was onto something... you cant take a multi thousand $$$$$ system with you.
and headphone sound "good enough" for the $$ spent

younger people these days pretty much want EVERYTHING PORTABLE and that will play, watch, and fit in THEiR "phone" and the car that their mommy drives them around in.

honestly, they really are pretty much entitled spoiled brats. That is what modern politically correct society has let them become
I think there is more audiophiles than ever. Just not how we traditionally think of them. Most of the newer generations are starting out with headphones. Then they start moving up from there. You can get world class sound from headphones that sell for $1000. And a lot of people, even young people are buying them. You get better sound from them than any of us probably got from any of our systems after 20 years of us trying when we first started. If you follow their posts on headfi or computer audiophile and places like that you’ll see they are actually very deep and technical about it. Far more than people on here actually. Impressively so with some of them. They take it very very serious. I actually enjoy hanging out there more because of it. They are very methodical with their testing and observations. As they get more money they move up to very expensive gear, but it has to be worth it to them. I think they are more conscience of value.

A lot are young. Or younger than the old guys on here. A lot don’t even own their own house or have a place big enough to put a huge system. Doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want one. So a small system has to do for now. But they do yearn for more and eventually as they get bigger places and more money I see them break out and put together some amazing systems. I think better than most peoples systems on here. Especially dollar for dollar. They seem far more open to new ideas too and discovering them with scientific accuracy, sometimes it’s scary how much so. To much we get the opposite here with old guys stuck in their ways and stubborn, not able to comprehend or open to new ideas. It’s a huge turn off.

I’ve also found that actual product designers seem to frequent those sites and actually talk with people, they all hang out together and chat. Come up with new ideas, share their knowledge. That’s pretty encouraging. Those same people seem to avoid this place for the most part. I can kind of understand why. Some of those guys are the same people that designed and revolutionized our very same products we bought decades ago. And there they are talking with the younger generation about new advancements, and they are keeping up better than most here. It’s impressive. Make no mistake they are out there. spread out between different forums. A lot far more active forums than here. Go surf around and find them and mingle with them. I think we can all learn a lot from them believe it or not. I know I have been.
I can tell you the audiophile market is dead. Resale value is non-existent.

Pro audio market is doing much better though.