Why do almost all women today hate home audio?

Why do almost all (99%) of women never seriously, sit, and listen to home audio through even one album?

I knew many, many women that listened, and had there own stereos, in the late 60's and 70's.

They even had big record collections, and some even had real-to-real tape recorders.

Why did they disappear?

What changed?


OP I knew many, many women that listened, and had there own stereos, in the late 60’s and 70’s.

In 50s~70s, many audio companies were after the natural sound and they were very close to make the natural sound. The audio sound so close to the original live music that men and women dance always with even cheap (or expensive) audio systems in 60s and 70s. Then the pursuit of the natural sound was stop in late 70s without completing the natural sound. Making the natural sound was too hard and audio companies gave up making it. Also, many sound specialists were passed away without teaching other people because they didn’t have the perfect solution. Since 80s, all new audio systems sound un-natural and veiled (getting worse). And audio companies only talk about technology and the sound (bass, detail, depth) and they never talk about the music.

To non-audiophiles (men & women) can’t hear the sound of hi-fi audio systems. Also, the hi-fi sound hurts their ears. There are natural sounds and un-natural sounds. We hear natural sounds everywhere such as people talking, dog barking, car engine sound, etc. We comprehend natural sounds easily and without any effort.

Every reproduction audio systems in the world sound un-natural and veiled. People can’t hear un-natural sounds while they ears are in natural sound mode. Human ears must adjust to un-natural sound mode to hear un-natural sounds. People can’t hear natural sounds when they are in un-natural sound mode. Audiophiles can switch between natural and un-natural sounds quickly because they are trained/used to un-natural sounds. Non-audiophiles (men & women) can’t switch between natural and un-natural audio sounds quickly and listening un-natural sounds is painful to their ears.

So, it is hard to develop interests in home audio for non-audiophile women & men.



It is well known that women's hearing is far better than men's so it's simply a case of when they listen to the man's system she can hear just how bad it sounds.

I agree on "she can hear just how bad it sounds."


This statement will sound a little silly and not serious but it is a serious answer.

Women like to talk. They love to talk. It actually releases endorphin for them. And to sit down and quietly listen, it really isn't what they're designed to do. Music events like concerts on the other hand, lots of girls.

Yeah, Whatever.

Look Darling are you OK with this $5k power cable?

Yes, sure sweetheart are you sure it's going to do the job?

I also knew lots of women in the 60s and 70s. NONE of them had any interest in a system, or wasting time sitting still, doing "nothing", just listening to music.

And here in 2023, just like the OPs post in 2015, just like the 60s and 70s, I still don't know a single woman who has the slightest interest in "doing nothing but just listening to music!!!".