Why do almost all women today hate home audio?

Why do almost all (99%) of women never seriously, sit, and listen to home audio through even one album?

I knew many, many women that listened, and had there own stereos, in the late 60's and 70's.

They even had big record collections, and some even had real-to-real tape recorders.

Why did they disappear?

What changed?


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I love it when old guys ‘splain how young people listen. Its like watching a Kremlin debrief….

... and women vinyl reviewers, and there are a good number of those, will discuss the sound qualities of various pressings just as much as any male vinyl geek would. Some folks of any demographic who are into sound are into it more from the source point of view, like the disc, than the gear point of view. All good. 

My wife likes good music and good sound but is completely uninterested in gear. Of course, I’ll make the point that the gear is how you GET the good sound, but that argument seems to be unpersuasive. :) Anyway, I’m just happy she tolerates my big speakers -- and has even commented on how nice they sound.

Are you all saying the fact they are born evil has nothing to do with it? My late wife once gave me a "honey do" list a full 92 items long. Not one of them was to go out and purchase a new stereo component, not even after completing all 92 tasks. Now don’t get me wrong. I’d give up all my current system to be able to spend ten more minutes with her, but whether you like it or not, any rationale person or audiophile has to sorrowfully admit the entire gender was born under a bad sign. The OP’s subject of this thread is simply proof of the pudding.

This above does not apply to Michelle Pfeiffer, Emmylou Harris, or Anne Hathaway, any of whom can clearly do no wrong, not withstanding one being a country western singer.


My wife hates my hifi...never sits to listen and thinks it's ugly and takes up too much space. I can concur with the OP 100%...