Why do almost all women today hate home audio?

Why do almost all (99%) of women never seriously, sit, and listen to home audio through even one album?

I knew many, many women that listened, and had there own stereos, in the late 60's and 70's.

They even had big record collections, and some even had real-to-real tape recorders.

Why did they disappear?

What changed?


My wife hates my hifi...never sits to listen and thinks it's ugly and takes up too much space. I can concur with the OP 100%...

First because unlike men, something in their brain does not ’click" when it comes to enjoying music more because of the better sound quality of a hi-end stereo. They can hear it, but just don’t care.

Second they aren’t into "equipment", whether cars, power tools, etc. the way men are.

Make the aesthetics of the system a beautiful part of the home. Get her involved in auditioning new music. Let her choose the next live concert. Get her opinion on new 30-day loaners as to whether you keep the item or not. 

Chances are that if you are a bit older her hearing may be better than yours. Let her know how valuable her opinion is to your hobby. Let your system be a part of evenings with friends playing the music THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Get creative!


Women like my systems some say it's art the younger ones bust a move. My granddaughters play inside my large horn speakers. Many women walk right up to my loudspeakers and touch them like they are a pet. I have had old women sit in the sweet spot and smile or cry. Saying women don't like music or audio is sexist. They just don't like how the modern audiophile does a system. Massive cost can't be touched and must only sit in one spot when listening, many times the music is played that makes the system sound good but is not a piece of good music. The systems are cluttered and ugly. They are told how to sit what to listen to and how to listen to it and then asked how does it sound?  this = no fun at all.  Most of my systems are giant but wonderful to behold people enjoy just looking at them. And I have had buyers use them more like sculptures. I let listeners just enjoy I don't hover about or tell them how to do it.