Why do almost all women today hate home audio?

Why do almost all (99%) of women never seriously, sit, and listen to home audio through even one album?

I knew many, many women that listened, and had there own stereos, in the late 60's and 70's.

They even had big record collections, and some even had real-to-real tape recorders.

Why did they disappear?

What changed?


If we just stop the labels and the politically-correct behavior that is the trend these days. You will simply see a few undeniable facts.

1) Almost everyone listens to music

2) There seems to be close to a 1:1 of men and women involved in the music industry. 

2) A small percentage of men are incredibly passionate about the hobby and this reflects in their journey. Some of us men know, reading reviews to 2 am can be very fun. 

3) Hobbies that require you to sit for extended length of time are not appealing to women, think fishing and listening to music at home. 

4) Concerts, and clubs, where sound quality is low and volume is high, have lots of women. There's just something about the dancing and socializing that appeal to them much more than music itself. 

5) Find a woman with a home stereo system, they exist but good freaking luck. 

We don't always have to put a label on things, sometimes labels are counter-intuitive and can make it less clear. The simple truth is, home audio is predominantly a male hobby. Sure every now and then a guy will jump in and say his wife enjoys listening with them. But they are few and far between. Which inevitably raises 1 question, would that woman be listening if the man wasn't home? 

This is not sexist, you have to have an IQ of a clam to think women and men are the same, and that thought is IMO truly the sexist thinking that we don't need. Men and women are different, it is okay to accept it and embrace it. In fact it's even recommended to do so. 

My wife has never really listened to music much.

She has a collection of LP’s from the 70s-80’s consisting of John Denver, Barbara Streisand, Joanie Mitchell, Janis Ian, Bread, Dan Fogelberg, some classical, some show tunes - several hundred records. 

I thank GOD she doesn’t still listen to that stuff.  Like I said, she never really listened to MUSIC much.

Anyone remember the old Martin Mull joke about the “great folk music scare of the sixties? Yeah, that sh!t almost caught on.”

She’s stone deaf in one ear (from childhood ear infections) and that’s part of it, but just isn’t “in to” music at all which is funny as our son is a multi-instrument musician (vibes, xylophone, drums, bass, keyboards), our daughter likes listening and was a decent drummer in elementary/middle school, guitar player but gave it up.

Me? I studied jazz drumming for a few years, but I’m a virtuoso on HiFi.

There’s definitely a family component to music appreciation.

She’s never mentioned once my collecting vinyl as I think she knows I’ll just point to her shoe collection and I have photos of the Hefty garbage bags full we’ve donated to Goodwill year after year since we got married 33 years ago.


I have integrated YouTube pretty well into my system. The video portion holds everyone’s attention ( including many men) while still enjoying the system. It can turn into a dance party but who cares, enjoying the rig in a different way.

I personally think women should not be wasting time  listening to music , they should either be in the kitchen or in the bedroom.