Why do Asian looks for old Wadia CDP at high price?

I recently sold my Wadia 861 for a Vietnamese at unbelievable price.  The question keep popping up on my mind why do Asians (Vietnamese) interested in the Wadia CDP too much even at very high price. Many nowadays CDP has better quality with up-to-date technologies on sound distortion deductions.

We have been used Wadia for around 2 decades ago and it's time to put them on retirement but they treat as treasures. I was so surprised about that. Wish I could have more Wadia CDP to sell to them in order to make some extra bucks.
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Yes, reputation.

1. But also simply geographics. No offense to Vietnam, but they dont have the number of folks with big money to spend on toys, compared to the US. So there is a smaller number of higher end products available. 
E.g. We often forget how spoiled we are in the US with all our choices, but it is not the same around the world. 

2. Reputation in the sense of which products get hype and which ones dont, just like in the US. What is hot right now? I see more and more forums on Asian brands- Denafrips DAC, Jay's Transport, Kinki something something. And people in the US are jumping on that bandwagon. Same thing in Vietnam.

3. IME, the audiophile Asians I have met tend to like a smoother sound, like the ESS Sabre DACs with 1000x oversampling. It is still detailed, but smoothness and lack of grain tend to be the preference. Not to stereotype or anything, just my experience. Which is interesting b/c the older WAdia/high end DACs that are quoted above are Burr-Browns, which to my ears have always been more fast, nimble, high res, high dynamics but a mostly analogue sound (the better the support circuitry and power modules. )

the model 17 is a brick s-house of a fantastic a to d

build quality !!!


An audio bud of mine has a multi-thousand buck Wadia he’s forced to use as a doorstop because the broken drive cannot be sourced.