Why do I prefer R2R over Chip based DAC's?

I have had a couple of mid to low priced DAC's. Schiit Modi, Schiit multibit in a card. Topping E30. all inexpensive I know. Am I not spending enough money? I have heard a Schiit Bifrost, I did like it. I am currently using a Topping Octo with the Schiit Midgard for headphones. This has been my best combination to date for a all in under $1000 us. The Octo has good instrument separation and the soundstage is expansive. The Octo does not have that harsh semblance I can not stand. What would be my next upgrade? 


@czarivey  Technically not R2R, but R-2R.  Rather than me fumbling through typing a treatise on R-2R DACs, maybe this fairly simple to read article can help:


Maybe the fact that some of the best DACs/players deal with the signal in an (almost ?) pure discrete fashion rather than purely in chips/chipsets. R-2R DAC’s can be designed in silicon but there are discrete component designs. Some like in the Esoteric Audio products go as far as making the PCB tracks the same length Check out the photo of the Esoteric DAC, It’s a work of art. But I know that there is more than just that in designing a digital player/ product. Everything matters. I remember Keith Johnson at Spectral Audio discussing how important it was to design a discrete I/V converter that would simplify this process. The D/A converter typically outputs the analog signal through an I/V conversion through chips. Keith went to the big companies to create one for him but for whatever reason, could not do it so he came up with his own design, the first one I think. Because everything matters there is more than one way to bake a cake. An acquaintance of mine who is into all of this much more than I, seems to have a thing for the Gryphon Ethos CD player(40K) based on Sabre ES9038Pro D/A converters and flew to the west coast just to hear one (now that’s a commitment). 



I've had a few R2R DACs Schitt and Denafrips and a few Delta Sigma W4S and Lampizator.  I found the R2R vs Delta Sigma was less important than cost for sound quality.

I preferred the more expensive W4s to the Schitt and the more expensive Lampizator GG to the Denafrips Terminator Plus.

For a DAC under $ 1000 the power supply and clock are likely to matter more than the conversion process.  Garbage in is garbage out.

I also agree with @pennfootball71, try the Lampizator.

I found the sound you get is only indicative of the technology used at the lowest levels. As sophistication of the implementation rises, the sound quality rises and any generalities disappear. For instance, at one time I owned a couple cheap DACs that used ESS chips. They had a similar sound… but high quality DACs using them sounded nothing like the inexpensive ones. 

I really enjoy my digital setup. Auralic Aries G2.2 , Chord M-Scaler, Chord  TT2. Cables for Digital connection are all Shunyata Sigma, USB and two Sigma S/PDIF ..