Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?

With the exception of some of there tube gear, not many really use this stuff(or admit to it anyway), I am mainly referring to there amps. They look pleasant, they look good on paper and have the price of high end gear, but I seldom hear anyone claiming to like or one day dreaming of owning McIntosh. I have never really listened to there stuff, no good word of mouth sort of scares me away from it, the only people who like it are those who sell it, an uncanny coincidence? I don’t know. Sorry it this has been covered many times in the past, I ran a search and could not find anything.
Dev, you need to READ before you pass judgment...I was quoting someone further up in the thread..And mine was a question. You know what quotes around a phrase mean right?

Jc51373 I wasn't passing judgment and I do know what quotes around a phrase mean, I was giving my opinion. I might be wrong reading your thread wrong so can you clarify because it doesn't look that way to me.

Below is you thread and what you wrote;

"10-16-06: Pawlowski6132
Anyone ever see a reputable speaker manufacturer or other high end manufacturer using McIntosh in their demo rooms at any of the shows??? Me neither.

Why do you think that is??"

Because it is second rate?

Jc51373 you say you were quoting someone else, I can't seem to find this exact quote that you are referring too, who was it?

Just to clarify and make it simple what are your thoughts of McIntosh?
"Why do you think that is??"

Well, since much of the stuff exhibited at shows is about hype, buzz and "latest and greatest," I suspect these folks would want to partner with similarly-inclined manufacturers. Pizzazz sells a lot of product.

Alternately, I doubt Mac needs this kind of "exposure" given their loyal following and dealer network.

Sort of like Mercedes...
Jc51373, You words from your Krell / McIntosh thread on amps/ preamps: "Not to be a complete ball-buster".............. I understand that the MC-402 was not to your liking and it just didn't work in your system, that's fine and you have your opinion. Krell is king and McIntosh is second rate crap. I get it. What is the point of honestly sharing you opinion in that thread and now entering this thread. Because you hated the McIntosh amp? You said it best, "complete ball-buster".
Trying to make a McIntosh analogous to a Mercedes is actually an excellent way to describe what I think of McIntosh, if you need to know. It's an over-priced status symbol, ruined by a conglomerate. I have now heard the McIntosh in three separate systems, including my own, and in all of them I got the same feeling from it.

I am entitled to my opinion of Mac, and you can flame all you want..I personally would care less if someone didn't like a Krell amp, or a piece I owned. If it works for you, all the power to you, I just think it is not the best value. I do however think it is a little comical how people who own Mac get so defensive of the stuff.