Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?

With the exception of some of there tube gear, not many really use this stuff(or admit to it anyway), I am mainly referring to there amps. They look pleasant, they look good on paper and have the price of high end gear, but I seldom hear anyone claiming to like or one day dreaming of owning McIntosh. I have never really listened to there stuff, no good word of mouth sort of scares me away from it, the only people who like it are those who sell it, an uncanny coincidence? I don’t know. Sorry it this has been covered many times in the past, I ran a search and could not find anything.
Jamnesta, awesome point, and it would be incredibly useful here if we could organize a Sound debate.

Bossjay, did you just say Bose sounds good? I need you to explain to me why then the $300 set of computer speakers I bought two months ago are now blown. Bose is incredibly engineered sound, and it is NOT good. Some may in fact like it, and think it is believable, and in certain applications it is sufficient, but it does not really sound good....To me anyway.

I am by no means a snob, but I am a purist, and to me out of all the amps I have listened to thus far, Krell hits all the marks I look for. For others Mac might do that, and (although painful for me to say) Bose may too.
I haven't thought much of MacIntosh since the 70's when it was good stuff. Recently a friend bought a Mac pre-amp, and then traded his Parasound JC-1 for Mac monos... Wow what a huge improvement over the JC-1!

I didn't expect much but the new stuff really sounded good. People who have written mac off should reconsider.




Nrchy: AMEN BROTHER. I owned a Krell FPB 200 for about 4 and half years. Yes it had tremendous bass sock, but I always found it to be a bit hard sounding. Not awful, but it was there. I finally got back on the upgrade bandwagon again as audiophiles will. I went to an Edge M8M, then to a Luminous Audio KST-150 (big, big mistake) and then finally to a MAC 402 and the search was over. My wife (bless her heart) said when she heard the MAC "Honey, this is a different ballgame". She said it was the best sounding amp that I have ever owned. Have a good laugh fellow audiogoners. Just giving my opinion FWIW. Love all you guys and I read the forums everyday and really get a kick out of them.
Bossjay; good logic.

Then Justin Timberlake, Ludacris, Christina Aguilera, Pink, R.Kelly etc. must be good music because people buy there albums. McDoalds must make good food because tons of people buy their food. Bud Light must be good beer because lots of people drink it. "Dude Where's My Car" must be good cinema becasue lots of people watched it. Etc.
since mcintosh is a viable company, some consumers are buying their products. of those who boight their products, some are pleased with their purchase. what term would one use to characterize satisfied purchasers ? if not audio enthusiasts, how do you define the term ? if the "happy" customers are not audio enthusiasts what are they ?