Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?

With the exception of some of there tube gear, not many really use this stuff(or admit to it anyway), I am mainly referring to there amps. They look pleasant, they look good on paper and have the price of high end gear, but I seldom hear anyone claiming to like or one day dreaming of owning McIntosh. I have never really listened to there stuff, no good word of mouth sort of scares me away from it, the only people who like it are those who sell it, an uncanny coincidence? I don’t know. Sorry it this has been covered many times in the past, I ran a search and could not find anything.

I have a C29 preamp connected to a MC2100 amp, 1970's steely dan bliss. I love Mcintosh. Outstanding SQ, build quality, been running for decades without a moan of trouble. If you ever decide to part ways, high resale dollars are waiting.Turn it up!

My first electronics was a hand me down from my dad a Fisher X202 tube integrated, fm100 tuner , Marantz 8b and altec 804 in the early 70’s. I regretted selling them when I went to university. Had my share of Japanese gear in the 80’s. After my kids got grown up I got bit by the bug again. I could never afford new gear so I was in the merry go round of gear swapping used mid and entry level high end stuff. Audio Research, Bedini, Quad, Perreaux, Bryston, Counterpoint, Aragon, Acurus, Sonographe, Conrad Johnson, Luxman, GAS, Moscode, Threshold, Krell, Classe, Linn, Naim, Accuphase, Cary, Audible Illusions, McCormack. My first Mac was the MAC1900, then a MAC4100, C28, 6100. I lucked out on an estate sale and picked up C32, MC2205 and MR78, I kept them as my second system. My main system now is an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A, and an Accuphase P266 class A SS.

Mac gear are good sounding imho and yes the sight of those blue lights and big vu meters are icing on the cake, they are much more reliable than the others, never had good luck with Audio Research, Counterpoint and Krell gear they were not reliable. Older Mac gear are good investment pieces they hold their value, I find the older Mac gear are voiced to be on the warm side. Older guys like me like that 60’s and 70’s warm sound. 

In the summer of 1972 my wife and I bought a new Mac 2105 amp and a used MX110 pre amp/ tuner.  The MC 2105 is still in the family.  It plays in the basement party room at my son's house.  It has never needed repairs.  I imagine it very much needs its capacitors replaced, but for over half a century every time it has been turned on it has played music. I'm into Pass Labs and First Watt amps now, but I still very much respect MacIntosh.