why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable

I have tried expensive cables and one's moderately priced. I would say there were some differences but I can't actually say the expensive cables were better. IMHO I believe a lot of people buy expensive cables because they don't actual trust their ears and are afraid of making a mistake. They figure the expensive cables are better for the fact they cost more. If you have a difference of opinion or share the same thoughts, I would like to hear about it.
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Exotic metals, cryogenic treatments, various unsulation materials, cable geometry/gauge and welding techniques all have a certain effect on the signal. All have varying degrees of success in hitting certain audiophile hot buttons. At the end of the day few can deliver comprehensive superior performance that retains musicality, accurate tone, dynamics and articulation at the frequency extremes under varying volume levels. They are all wires. My ear hears significant enhancements of the musical signal only with MIT and Transparent cables. They actually address significant problems with signal transfer and have technologies that work consistently across their range of cables. Hocus locus and wire voodoo does little to increase listening satisfaction.
This has been a rather interesting thread so far as to what floats your boat based on what you've personally experienced but I've noticed there are some who completely ignore that and take anything as an ad hominem attack on what they feel or know, presenting it in a myopically black or white point of view, disregarding the caveats, limits and such. It's almost painful to read.

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Yup there are those who enjoy the information and the banter. Any way I have been testing a loom of atlas mavros. They are pretty good. They are from Scotland. They do a really good job sound wise. They see to work better with speaker cables and interconnect both implemented. Pretty pricey but they sound a lot better than the Audioquest Rocket 44 I had back in the day. 
I have spent way to much money chasing audiophile heaven with all types of cable designs and materials...my myopic conclusion is that MIT DELIVERS THE GOODS! Now if you have owned as many cables as I have and compared them to MIT in your system, you may come to a different conclusion. My experience, which is substantial, confirmed to me that only a cable system that actually addresses the issues surrounding signal transfer can actually give you real results and not just tonal abberations and frequency variations, which may or may not please your ear subjectively.