why do people feel the need to buy expensive cable

I have tried expensive cables and one's moderately priced. I would say there were some differences but I can't actually say the expensive cables were better. IMHO I believe a lot of people buy expensive cables because they don't actual trust their ears and are afraid of making a mistake. They figure the expensive cables are better for the fact they cost more. If you have a difference of opinion or share the same thoughts, I would like to hear about it.
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dynaquest4:"Please try to get a grip on your emotions, this discussion is not significant enough to get your panties in a wad."

That is a funny remark that you make dyna what is it exactly that you are gripping as you fantasize that I am wearing moist womens' undergarments? You truly have some infantile imagination so I wish you good luck with that and by the way I did not alert the moderators to your post I would leave it up so as to reveal to all here just how childish you are.

@2psyop I had the same feelings as to the upper limit of my spending - in this case with respect to amp pricing.  I decided that $30k ish was my upper limit for any amp.  Then I heard the D'Agostino M400 and decided that it would increase my personal enjoyment of my system to such a degree, that although I still deemed the price ridiculous, it would be money well spent.  Here I am a couple of months later and I now feel that it was a "bargain" for what it has done to my system and my personal emotional satisfaction when I listen to my system now.   Sometimes you have to be flexible to get to where you want to be. 
and again, if you buy used, especially cables, you can often sell in a few years for no/little loss...