I have seen loads of comments on cables and equipment that people have never heard. Why is that? 



The issue is you can NOT turn an Emotiva amp into an Esoteric amplifier even with proper room acoustics

I think you missed the main point, take an Esoteric amplifier and stick it in a bad room and you should have just bought the Emotiva instead, you can't fix acoustics with an amp, sorry.

I will take a great room with a pair of XPA HC-1 Emotiva monoblocks ($1800 for a pair) over a bad room with a $$$$ amp any day, all day, with pleasure.

Now if I can have a good room AND a $$$$ amp that is totally different 🤩

@kota1 i will say this. Having a great room helps tremendously but a really great amp in a bad room is still gonna perform well. If it is a great amp. Great amps don’t need perfect room acoustics they just don’t. It would help but you still gonna get a great sound. 

Adding even a few well placed and sized panels increased my enjoyment of my current setup for far less than any $5000 power cable, $3000 usb cable, $10000 set of speaker wires or $500 fuse ever could. 



I do have an amp that will perform better in a bad room than 99% of the amps out there, its a Martin Logan amp (a speaker company I know) and its called the Forte. Martin Logans parent company is Anthem. It is selling for 60% off right now at $249. It includes ARC room correction and has a built in streamer AND a sub out. If you position the sub and the speakers well and then run ARC it is probably going to sound better than a $$$$ amp in the same room and I guarantee it will measure better. BTW OP, I actually own this amp and have listened to it since that is the topic of this thread:


Don’t take my word for its chops, here is a review. I use this amp to power my passive rear surround speakers and from the first time I turned it on I was amazed that an amp this inexpensive and small made these speakers sound that good. It also has an RCA in so you can hook up a CDP or a TT:


"a small affordable unit that is almost too good to be true."