why do so many discussions turn contentious?

just venting....why do so many discussion posts need to turn  contenious and nasty?  do you guys find that constructive and/or enjoyable?  I have no clue who or how this forum is moderated, but I sure would love to see a stop to that...it makes me feel like this hobby is dominated by total jerks.

Can't we play nice, share OPINIONS and OBSERVATIONS, realizing that  they often are subjective and biased.  
"if you dont have anything nice to say, say nothing"?  If you wish to disagree, do it in a constructive and mature fashion, no need for "argument ad hominem"...

with all the chaff, one must waste so much time finding the wheat, figuratively speaking.  

I doubt my writing this will change anything, but, like most social media, people writing to others without facing them does not bring out the best, sadly......

People don't like their belief systems challenged. It's the same reason many wars are started over religion or ideology. And due to cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias, it will not stop until/unless humans evolve. You could censor it, but the censorship would also be subject to the censor's cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias.

If it bothers you why don't you just ignore those posts.
@dabel, we could start by looking how other (audio) forums handle it. Most of which have a stronger and more supportive communities. I’m not saying they’re perfect, but are generally a far cry from the old men yelling at rap music, or digital, or budget cables here.

And, an actual ignore button would be a nice functionality upgrade. However, the contentious discussions here actually benefit Audiogon which is first and foremost a sales point intermediary. The owners don’t need members to get along, they just need them to keep posting to generate site usage data.
When trolls get on a discussion it really is best not to respond. I imagine that will take away their fun.
Most contentious posts involve people with no knowledge or experience posting what they think they know. 
Best joke these days is who thought access to all the world’s knowledge on the internet would make people stupider. 
Legit posters here own high end audio equipment and invest time in listening. 
Then we have the stupid who have never heard high end audio, can’t bother too, and want to tell us what they think they know. 

Pervasive anxiety, insecurity, feelings of dread, helplessness, anger, frustration--any of these conditions that a person is feeling routinely arouses impulsive, at times, self-destructive defenses. Many feeling hopeless withdraw from social interactions and self-medicate. Yet some can vent frustration, giving aggressive rise of intolerance and even devaluation of others. A safe place to do such is online.