Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?

If you have the 'offer' feature activated then what's the problem with any offer. Comments like 'lowball' offers will be ignored just gives me a bad vibe. If your item has been up for sale then there is no insulting offer. I've made deals with people starting far apart and coming together. If you haven't noticed the audio market seems to have come to a standstill. Any opinions?


I try to price an item low enough to my willing to sell for price so that I attract a buyer. I think 30% over that may keep people from bidding. So I guess a 30% lower than my willing to sell for price offer would be too low a starting point.

I guess it’s a balancing act of close enough to my price without turning away a serious potential buyer, but close enough to my price so an actual deal can be struck.

My 2¢

I price my items according to what others have sold for. If I get an offer that is ridiculous to me, I don’t respond. I’ve gotten ridiculous offers hours after I posted things for sale which I would never accept. It’s not like going to a swap meet! I don’t mind sitting on things for sale for months.
If you go into a car dealer to buy a Porsche, are you going to offer them 50% off? Of course not if the car is in good shape and its price is within kbb limits. Why would buying audio items be any different? It’s not. 

Since this is a used gear site, the art of bargaining and negotiating is in full swing. If I list a unit for, say, $2K, and someone offers $1100. I'm not insulted; I just counter with $1950. That either silences them or they climb the steep hill and offer something closer to the asking price. 

But if I want $2K for my unit, then I'm not going to list it for $2K.

I can’t remember ever “taking offense” to a low offer or being inundated by low offers to the point of irritation.  You list something for sale, you should expect responses.  At least they are looking at the ad.  I might not take an offer on day 2 that I would take after 3 weeks.  It is a simple yes or no, and “thanks for your offer.” I am usually more interested in the quality of the buyer so as to avoid the risk of problems after the sale, which is a practice that has served me well here for over 20 years.