Why do some audiophiles beat up McIntosh?

I've been around audio my entire life. I'm 45 and I bought a decent Technics system when I was 12 with my paper route money. Genesis speakers built in New England which were actually pretty darned good. I would spin vinyl every single day to the point it drive my parents crazy. My buddies father had a McIntosh system that I was in love with and he was allowed to play it. It was haunting for me to hear his fathers system.

Fast forward 28 years later and I'm perplexed at the hatred I see posted online about McIntosh. Is it really that bad or is everyone upset that McIntosh is so successful? It doesn't make sense to me that the resale value is the best in the business yet audiophiles bash them. I personally have always loved their gear and sound. I don't own any, and probably never will. Still, I just don't get it. I've always admired McIntosh. Looks aside, I always enjoyed the music. Can someone tell me that they're junk or do you just not like the presentation?
I have owned MA7000, MC452, MC601's, C50, C2300, and C500. Although when I had it, it was a pleasure listening to them and they look good. I recently had a friend loaned me a stereo 300w Bryston 4B SST2 to try out, and to my experience it worked out better than the C500 & MC601's. To me the Bryston has a better control on the bottom vs the Mc, and also I get better bloom on the mid compared to Mc. My final assessment is, Mc sound is little mushy. I was really blowned away that I would preferred the little stereo Bryston 4B SST2 over my Mc601's. My best advice to all is to audition different gear in your home before purchase, and don't let looks clouds your judgement.. Just my 2c

Sorry, English is my 2nd language..
...many of the responses here seem to come from audio snobs that are still concerned that their audio peers will question their "audio stature" if they dare buy such "pedestrian" gear...insecure and sad.

Part of the reason McIntosh resale is above average and people are still talking about them (good or bad) is that they are still in business, ownership regardless. In the last 5 decades of their existence much of high end audio has come and gone with the wind, and I dare say that will eventually include some of today's most buzz worthy companies. McIntosh may not be the last word in sonics, and they have have diluted their brand with too many products, but they have a strong and steady heartbeat. Same could be said of ARC and Magnepan.

Who are these people that are unhappy with Pass? I've never seen a negative comment about Pass.