Why do some audiophiles beat up McIntosh?

I've been around audio my entire life. I'm 45 and I bought a decent Technics system when I was 12 with my paper route money. Genesis speakers built in New England which were actually pretty darned good. I would spin vinyl every single day to the point it drive my parents crazy. My buddies father had a McIntosh system that I was in love with and he was allowed to play it. It was haunting for me to hear his fathers system.

Fast forward 28 years later and I'm perplexed at the hatred I see posted online about McIntosh. Is it really that bad or is everyone upset that McIntosh is so successful? It doesn't make sense to me that the resale value is the best in the business yet audiophiles bash them. I personally have always loved their gear and sound. I don't own any, and probably never will. Still, I just don't get it. I've always admired McIntosh. Looks aside, I always enjoyed the music. Can someone tell me that they're junk or do you just not like the presentation?
I also saw the show how it's made. I was really surprised how shoddy the mc 275 was made. I always thought mc was really well made gear. After seeing that show I was not impressed. I generally hate Chinese made gear but I even think the Chinese could do a better job than mc does. I have a feeling that in the future mc will start making their gear in China. If they do it will be no great loss. Anyone that has seen that episode of how it's made knows what I am talking about.
I'll turn that around and ask you to explain in technical terms, what sound improvement benefit is there to be had by putting and output transformer on a solid state amp?

Cheers George

Oh no you don't. I never said that there was a "sound improvement" because of the output transformers. I asked YOU what Mac gear you had used in your system that led you to your conclusions. Still waiting for an answer.
check out the Paul Speltz Zero page where he discusses the benefits of using autoformers between the amp and speakers.

still, Mc gear never did sound good to me.
"02-27-15: Roxy54
I asked YOU what Mac gear you had used in your system that led you to your conclusions. Still waiting for an answer."

How about back in the 70's a pair old school MC275 monoblocks, when they made reasonably good amps, running stacked els57's.

Now you answer, what advantage technically for the sound does putting an output transformer on the rear end of a solid state amp do?
I can think of only one thing that it makes a poorly designed, maybe unstable solid state amp, more reliable and stable.

Cheers George