Why do some manufacturers reverse preamp polarity in the first place?

My Rogue RP-5 reverses polarity, so I switch the pos / neg at speaker terminals. The manual does not mention this, however, I wrote the company and they the amp does reverse the polarity. 

Now my question is...why? I would say 98% of buyers of this amp do not know to reverse the cable connections. I would say most reviewers did not as well. Yes, I realize, polarity reversal is not noticable in most instances. Especially, since many recordings are all over the place when it comes to polarity (at least that is what I've read).

So the question remains...why...why not just have the amp terminals set up so the buyer can just plug in as normal?
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Agnew!?! Ha!

Oh, this is about polarity? Okay, that is appropriate.

By the way, I can't hear a difference when I switch my system's polarity.

The reality is that there are no standards for preamplifiers like output voltage, polarity, etc.
Preamplifiers are the biggest offenders on all things.  Most are flawed to very flawed.