Why Do Some Recordings Sound Great and Others Dead?

I listen to Radio Paradise MQA on my NODE 3, SMSL M400, B and O Beolab 8000’s and Hsu 15in sealed sub.  The acoustics in my room are poor.  I’ve noticed that some recordings sound very realistic. For instance the vocals on a Stabat Mater dolorosa hymn sounded great.  But a Nora Jones recording was terrible.  Her voice was lost in back of some murky instruments.  I’m familiar with this recording listening to it on my iPod, where her voice shines out and the music is good.  I’m wondering why the big differences?


@jjbeason14 I have found odds are good a classical or jazz record will be in class A, with some very spectacular recordings getting into class A+.

Most pop and rock are in class B, with quite a few in class C.

The only class D albums I have were recorded  before 1950.

Based on the responses, i don’t think recording quality is the reason for the differences I hear.  My system and room just don’t go well with some recordings.  Cupping my ears towards the speakers seems to improve almost all of them, but while some show just a slight improvement, others have a night and day difference, with a very significant, holographic improvement.