Why do Tube Amps sound more romantic v SS amps

Question newbie on tube amps, why are tube amps according to people who own them say the sound is more say romantic sound vs SS amp ? 

What is better to own cost wise sound advantage single ended and push pull ?

Thanks guys excuse my inexperience on the tube issue.


While both can sound fantastic in a good system, with SS you can set it and forget it.  With tube amps, you run the risk of falling down the rabbit hole is changing tubes in the endless pursuit of the perfect sound.  I speak from experience.  I love the look & sound of tubes, I love the sound and ease of SS.  

A classic mix is a very detailed music SS amp with a natural perspective 

with the latest Mosfets, Fet, and Bipolor transistors  they have in part a vacuum tube characteristic to them , but adding a vacuum tube preamp gives you the

added bloom of a vacuum tube to create a great blend , also 

your front end is IMO as important as the Loudspeaker , a quality R2R  dac has a very analog natural character ,finally very good quality digital is as good and in some ways better especially in S/N , ratio and distortion levels vs a turntable 

turntables like vacuum tubes have a nice warm character , but not as accurate and bottom end digital is clearly better.  Records are better recorded but severely limited .  With digital you cannot skimp anywhere or it sounds thin or brittle if not a top recording a minimum of $12 k for dac, Ethernet hub , and digital cables minimum to get B+ quality Denafrips Terminator+ 12 th anniversary I have not heard but even better, and Holosprings May KTE   Are by far the best value in the $6k range and best anything out there at 2x the cost .i am not a big China fan but these are exceptions to the rule . Turntables much more variables and cost much more monies to better digital of this  quality . I just thought it should be mentioned .