Why do we demand so much from our systems?

When I was in college a while back I was very happy with my system. I played records and I also had a cassette player from Kenwood. I wasn't interested in it sounding better because it was very satisfying.

Fast-forward to current times, Systems are more revealing and detail is a lot better than it used to be which I'm not sure is such a good thing. And I say this because it seems that as our systems improve as well as recordings improve we seem to be getting more demanding and becoming more and more unsatisfied with whatever we listen to.

Is it possible to be satisfied  with anything these days??




What is your system? The more you hear, the more you hear what is wrong. Maybe tape cassette is a better medium.

Plus this isn't 1970. Our modern intercommunicated world is constantly bombarding us with new products. Too many choices with no way to define by words is bound to promote OCD / dissatisfaction.

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It's because we've become empty inside and only consumer purchases can fill the aching void.



That’s a pretty dark take, but OK. The pleasure of hearing a virtusuo ply his trade and turn an instrument into an absolutely sublime experience is more than just a consumer purchase. It just is. I sometimes listen to records, older somewhat obscure pressings brought to life with improved sonics and frankly am taken aback with their abilities.It’s like how could I have not appreciated this earlier.Really, it’s because now I hear more clearly the nuances. Maybe I’m filling a void but it’s a bit presumptuous to paint us music lovers as being empty inside.


+1 @dentdog Of course there is a capitalist element here given the luxury of affording this equipment. But there is the beauty and the happiness afforded in the joy fullness this hobby delivers, derived from the soulfulness of the music we enjoy when we sit down with it.