Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?

Hello all,

Sometimes I find myself wondering why there is so little newer music in my library. Now, before you start in with rants about "New music is terrible!", I found this rather interesting article on the topic. (SFW)


With the maturing of streaming as a music delivery platform, and the ease of being able to surf new artists and music, it might be time to break my old listening habits and find some newer artists.

Happy listening. 



Umm...  because most new music lacks things like melodic invention, harmonic movement, dynamic contrast...   There are no dynamics when the sound level goes from too loud to too gddamn loud.  When was the last time you heard a pop singer sing "I believe in love" and you really believed her?

Time to get a good digital setup , Roon as your music organizer ,look it up,

and QObuz for the library music from all era’s over 70 Million songs ,

you would never run out of music ,and you can even build a virtual library 

to have at your disposal, youjust pay the months fee ,or yearly  not expensive at all 

if you just have analog count on at least $10 k with dac ,quality Ethernet,and usb cables , to match or surpass your analog system 

I haven't read the article yet but looking at the responses, it seems many of us are searching for new music as a sole pursuit. In our teens and twenties, you found music with your friends. Once you start your own family, that spare time is largely gone and thus an important avenue for discovering new music.

I could be totally wrong about this. It's happened once or twice before.

Music affects everybody differently.  For me, I'm constantly searching for new artists on Tidal every week.  I still enjoy all the music I've accumulated from the 60's and onward, but I know there's still many great songs to be heard....and I've been fortunate to find some of them.  The journey continues....