Why do YOU love Vinyl/or hate vinyl

I just responded to the thread on how many sources do you have ( shotgunning tonight) and got me wondering why I love vinyl so much? Have a very good digital side on both my main system and my headphone system as well that was set up for Redbook playback (headphone system) only utilising my vast 1,000 CD collection, enjoyed it for about a year, added a turntable and haven't used it since. My love of vinyl has been with me for 55 years, buying and playing, setting up my tables , matching preamps and enjoying the fruit of my labor. I believe my love of vinyl is a simple one, it stemmed from the hands on, need to tinker and adjust that I was born with, it's a very physical attraction that I just can not resist, it satisfies a lot of needs for me and in some way is that mistress that I maintain. My turntable is massive and so easy to look at, I can touch it and get more out of it, I can read about the artist and get info while I listen to an album, I can swap out a cartridge and change the tone and in the day the album covers served as a rolling tray to roll a joint. I love vinyl, but absolutely understand while others don't. I also envy people like uberwaltz that have and use so many sources, wish I could. What say you?
Mijostyn-here is your statement: All my optical discs have been transferred to the hard drive. I took them all to Bull Moose Music and traded them in for....Records! $1500.00 worth. 
you copied all of your discs to a hard drive then sold them. This is illegal as hell. This has nothing to do with streaming, this have everything to do with copying, keeping a copy, then selling the discs.
also, why would you tape a digital recording when you can play it at anytime? If you were listening to a one time recording, then yes, recording to r2r makes sense.
i have owned a few 15 ips r2r decks, the Otari 5050 and the pioneer 901. The pioneer only sounded good at 15ips whereas the Otari sounded great at both 7.5 and 15ips. So you need to spend some cash to get a good r2r that does 15ips and then you’re going to pay a premium for tape. After a while, I just didn’t see a need for a r2r.
also, why would you tape a digital recording when you can play it at anytime?
Have you listened to a good r2r recording of digital stream?
If you had I dare say you would not be asking that question.

I just signed up for Tidal, looking forward to trying recording to reel to reel. Just need to find a good value streaming device that can maximize Tidal’s “HiFi” potential. Any suggestions?
How cheap and basic do you want to go?
Google Chromecast Audio, $45 on eBay
Will stream up to 24/96 from Tidal or Qobuz and output over analog rca or mini toslink.
And then from there the sky is the limit or how deep is your pocket?
Plenty of good threads on that subject but feel free to start a new one and get the current crop of the streamers.
I can't put my finger on it but it something about cranking up the old turntable and letting it rip. Every genre brings something unique to the party. As tooblue stated rolling a joint on the album cover is something that I will remember although I puffed but I didn't inhale (alledgedly)