Why does most new music suck?

Ok I will have some exclusions to my statement. I'm not talking about classical or jazz. My comment is mostly pointed to rock and pop releases. Don't even get me started on rap.... I don't consider it music. I will admit that I'm an old foggy but come on, where are some talented new groups? I grew up with the Beatles, Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix etc. I sample a lot of new music and the recordings are terrible. The engineers should be fired for producing over compressed shrill garbage. The talent seems to be lost or doesn't exist. I have turned to some folk/country or blues music. It really is a sad state of affairs....Oh my god, I'm turning into my parents.
It doesn't all suck but it is increasingly difficult to find the great stuff burried in mountains of garbage. It is also true that there isn't that many "cool" radio stations that people listen to religisously anymore. The really big ones don't exist period. So where can you get to hear it? It's tougher than it used to be.
As for recording quality well most commercial releases are digitized and it's true that a miniscule portion is aimed at the audiophile audience. That stuff is usually really well known re-releases like some of those obscenely expensive Japanese dics.
I totally agree with the posters to this thread so far.

I find myself buying new improved, remastered, SACD, High definition versions of the songs I played in my youth. That is, primarily classic rock.

I think it has to do with when we were young, music was the primary way the youth of that era expressed itself. I mean there was no internet, cable, electronic games, mass media etc.

When we were young. We were part of a massive baby boom generation that wanted to be heard. We had protests, Vietnam , and drugs, sex and "rock and roll' after all. The music of today lost that soul of what drived us.

This doesn't mean there isn't some good new music, but to me it is rare when you hear an artist that truly feels as though they are part of the music, not just going through the motions as so many cookie cutter artists/groups today do.

Oh well, and stay off my lawn!
people who think new music sucks are not exploring music enough, there is plenty out there.
I think every generation prefers the music they listened to when they came of age and generally thinks that most of the music that followed that period was a step in the wrong directions. There are some current artists that I like and have actually bought their CD's or even LP's but the quality of the recordings are generally so poor that I find them hard to listen too. Cold Play comes immediately to mind, I like a lot of their music but only listen in the car.
"people who think new music sucks are not exploring music enough, there is plenty out there."

Most popular music is more of a fusion of styles these days. You hear it more and more even in perhaps the most mindless forms like dance music. Its a good thing I think. Music evolves. Elements of older, purer forms like rock, soul, blues, and others get infused into newer concoctions that are more varied. That's the artistic process. No music stands still. It evolves over time, for better or for worse. But the same basic ingredients go into it.

Variety is abundant these days everywhere you look. Music is no different. Its just that there is a lot of new stuff mixing older and newer ingredients.

And overall it all sounds better to me as a whole than ever before because recording and playback technology has (surprise surprise) actually IMPROVED, like it usually does. Seldom resembles the music I grew up with 30-40 years ago though.

You always have to be willing to cut through the crap to find the good stuff. Most all music that has EVER been availble in any forms is still available one way or another today, often remastered to sound better than ever. ANd that all besides all the new and varied stuff that comes out.

Its easy to get lost and drown in inforamtion or even just music these days, and just give up. Big mistake! Unless you are content just living in the past. NOthing wrong with that, but it does not support the argument that most new music sucks. MY 12 year old daughter, who actually has excellent musical tastes for her age, would disagree.