Why does most new music suck?

Ok I will have some exclusions to my statement. I'm not talking about classical or jazz. My comment is mostly pointed to rock and pop releases. Don't even get me started on rap.... I don't consider it music. I will admit that I'm an old foggy but come on, where are some talented new groups? I grew up with the Beatles, Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix etc. I sample a lot of new music and the recordings are terrible. The engineers should be fired for producing over compressed shrill garbage. The talent seems to be lost or doesn't exist. I have turned to some folk/country or blues music. It really is a sad state of affairs....Oh my god, I'm turning into my parents.
"Why does most new music suck? "

Because the listener thinks it does.

That's really the only possible answer that can hold any water.
Ditto for Radio Pardise...I listen to it on my iPhone connected to my rig, and their selection is superb. The cool thing is you can bookmark your fans.
It doesn't.

Much of it just doesn't fit your embedded criteria for acceptable music. Look, every decade/generation has its share of totally shitty music. The 70's, 80's, and 90's (especially the 90's) all had a factory's worth of bubble-gum bullsh*t with generic styles, voices, personas, and faces. Those artists always get the limelight because they appeal to the superficial acceptance factor of much of the music-gobbling population.

However, to say that most new music sucks is to say that you're unwilling to leave your own perspective and acknowledge the very immediate, very available musical artistry that's out there today. Artists like Adele, The National, M83, Taylor Swift, Lemar, Band of Horses, Sufjan Stevens, Nas, Jay-Z, etc., are all as talented and influential as anything done in the last three decades. I don;t have to like them, but I have to admit their sheer talent and dedication to their craft.

I mean, Zep may have broken new ground, but new artists simply continue building the road that Zep started years ago.

Hell, even your list of artists you grew up with (all of whom I share your reverence of, if not your complete idolatry), share much with the current crop of musical avante-garde and illuminati. And artists like Rush - who just last year released their best album since 1981 - , The Police, Tears for Fears, Talking Heads, and others will remain my musical benchmarks - but not to the whiny exclusion of the musical zeitgeist.

Admittedly, modern engineering is geared way too much towards radio production, with all its compression and limited sonics and target audience who doesn't give a shit about high fidelity. But as music has become so niche-oriented, there're plenty of artists and music out there that can satisfy you.

If not, you might as well go on Eagles tour or cough up $500 for a Stones ticket. It sounds as if your stone gathered moss long ago.

IMHO, of course.
A lot of interesting comments. I sample as much new music as I can or stand via Amazon or Pandora. I will need to check out Paradise radio as another source. I would never cough up the big bucks for a "classic" rock tour as mentioned above which gets me to another point of the really poor sound at large rock venues. I would rather stay home and listen to better sound on my two channel system. I do try and find smaller venues such as theaters with great sound and have seen some really good performances by Greg Brown, The Cowboy Junkies, Bonney Raitt, Little Big Town and the Wailin Jennys.

I do play music and spend a fair amout of time in the recording studio so I'm really critical of the MP3 earbud "standard". I will say that most "kids" don't know what good sound is. Whenever they hear a good two channel system they are amazed at what is possible and perhaps a new audiophile is born. Cheers!