Why Does My Current Music Sound So Much Better than It Did in the 80’s?

I’ve got to ask…maybe someone here knows…is my current system more realistic sounding than what I used to listen to in the 80’s? I’m just impressed by the sound I have now, I just don’t remember it sounding in the 80’s so real, present and full range.

Then I had a Marantz 2245, JBL L166 tower speakers, usually vinyl on a Dual turntable with a Shure V15 Type 2 or 3.  This was decent stuff at that time.

Now I listen to internet radio on my iPad, usually radio.garden jazz, through an Apple AirPort Express router, to B&O BeoLab8000 speakers, a Hsu ULS 15 Mk II and a Paradigm Series 7 12in Monitor sub.  I set up In a big 20ft by 40ft room now with lots of hard surfaces.  I’ve invested very little in this system, yet I’m amazed at the sound.

it’s unlikely that my ears are better…anyone care to rake a stab at why things sound so better to me now?  It would be interesting to understand the evolution of sound.


Because you were younger and having too much of a good time to care about what your hifi sounded like. 

I've had a very "good" sounding system for over twenty years. In the recent few months, it has become to my ears, a "great" sounding system merely by replacing one component-my preamp.

It cost more than I usually allow myself to spend on any particular component, though wow, what a difference it's made.

Audio is an interesting hobby, so many variables. For many of us, it takes a bit of good luck to finally get to the goal, so I wish good luck to those of who may need it.



I don’t remember in the 80’s or 90’s hearing an instrument note - such as from a piano, drum or other percussion instrument - sound so real that I have to look around to be sure it was from the recording.  Now that happens more than occasionally, but not most of the time.  Maybe 20-30 years ago the sounds were muddied a bit.  Of course vinyl recordings had turntable rumble.  You could take it off with a rumble  filter, but then maybe some bass was lost too.  From the comments so far it sounds like the major reason is digital recording/playback.