Why Don't More People Love Audio?

Can anyone explain why high end audio seems to be forever stuck as a cottage industry? Why do my rich friends who absolutely have to have the BEST of everything and wouldn't be caught dead without expensive clothes, watch, car, home, furniture etc. settle for cheap mass produced components stuck away in a closet somewhere? I can hardly afford to go out to dinner, but I wouldn't dream of spending any less on audio or music.
Doing anything really well is not easy.

That reality excludes all but the most motivated from doing anything really well.

Still, many are motivated enough to do some things well, whatever it may be, for better or for worse.

Audio is merely a hobby, a trivial pursuit in the big picture of things for most. Doing audio alone well is not enough for most to subsist. There are other things that may provide greater return on investment if done well. Those are the things most will put their energy into. Only a few will need or want to put a lot of though or energy into audio when music can be heard fairly easily and for low cost otherwise.
It is safe to say that most people who have the means to purchase our very expensive toys are aware of that option.

Embedded in the belief that others would choose to be like you if they were only presented with a sampling of what that means, is a rather narcissistic supposition.

I don't believe in god. There may well be such an entity but I have no reason to believe or disbelieve as much. I don't feel that I need to know nor that I could know. Others out there are condemning or pitying me for having blasphemed in such a way. They think that if only I was exposed to the bible, koran, lao tzu, glenn beck or ochocinco, I would recant repent and buy a preamp. Fact is, none of that will happen. And an audio expo on a street corner in Council Bluffs or Ft. Collins won't change much of anything. It is but a fanciful notion. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. If you pull it off, I'll admit I was wrong. But I ain't going to church.
One word.....passion! An individual with Passion for good sounding music (depending on how passionate)....will naturally (come within) hunt for the gears and resources to get him or her there....(investment varies with financial status)...IMHO..(just from my personal experience).
More music is being bought now more than ever. Obviously music is important to people. Most of it through things like ITunes. Most of it is played back through headphones on ipods. Since there is a huge volume of people doing this, and lots of young people within this group, it seems to me a certain percentage of them will become interested in better playback. After market headphones are selling well. Websites like headfi are swelling in numbers. A certain percentage of these people will investigate further into audio and that will include higher end two channel setups. These are the seeds planted that is hope for the high end.